Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Launch of The March 26th Movement - The Alternative Platform

Introducing the March 26th Movement - The Alternative Platform against  the Con Dem cuts of the Cameron and Clegg government which is representing their billionaire friends and their capitalist class interests and in particular the interests of finance capital in the City of London.

They have declared war on the working class to re-finance their friends in the City who brought this current crisis about through reckless speculation.

However the problems of the cuts is not merely a problem of government it goes right to the heart of the survival of British Imperialism and and its capitalist state.

British capitalism is in crisis and not merely its banking component.

British imperialism is inflicting misery on the people of Afghanistan at the same time it reduces the vunerable sections of British Society to misery here like the jobless, the disabled and the homeless as well as scandalous child poverty.

Bailing out the City of London and the Banksters has now become a priority for this Con-Dem Government and the British Capitalist State it serves - the Army, the Police and the Civil service bureaucracy are being mobilised has during the Thatcher Era to attack working class resistance to government policies.

Policies which attack the weak and vunerable in our society. The British State will employ any means necessary to defend its interests has history has shown.

We have been reminded recently of British state activities.

1. The appearance on demonstrations of military to study the protests and protestors.

2. The infiltration of groups opposed to government policies by State security organisations exposed by Fitwatch.

3. The aggressive policing with the use of dangerous chemical sprays against protestors.

4. The explicit call by security professionals to label anti government direct action protests "terrorists" to justify harsher repression.

5. The murder of Ian Tomlinson by the police and the head injuries to Alfie Meadows requiring a brain operation.

6. The sentence of 32 months for Edward Wollard for throwing a fire extinguisher which injured no one while no punishment for the police murderer of Ian tomlinson or punishment for the policeman who injured Alfie Meadows.

7. The 333 deaths in police custody since 1999 for wich no one has been held responsible or charged.

Therefore this is not the time to have any illusions about the British State and its ability to resort to violent attacks on peaceful protestors - the record speaks for itself.

What is needed is not only the recognition that the British Capitalist State is our enemy but a recognition that it must be overthrown if we are to have a chance of preserving our democratic rights and having a job that can pay a decent wage.

There are no short cuts to the overthrow of the British Capitalist State it requires hard work and the creation of revolutionary social forces that are currently absent from British politics.

The Launch of the Alternative Platform for the 26th March Movement is to avoid the trap of reformist social democracy in Britain namely the Labour Party and to build revolutionary social forces capable of changing Britain. 

The Labour Party is an Imperialist party and represents the interests of the Bankers and Finance Capital just like the Con Dem Coalition and to turn March 26th into a re-elect the Labour Party rally is unacceptable to millions of people who oppose the cuts. 

The Following organisations are the founders of the 26th March Movement for an Alternative Platform.

World People's Resistance Movement

The  Pan-Afrikan Voice

Democracy and Class Struggle

Revolutionary Praxis

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