Thursday, December 14, 2017

US Can No Longer Mediate Middle East Peace Process - Mahmoud Abbas Palestinian President

Democracy  and  Class Struggle says US action over Jerusalem has even become unacceptable to the Middle East States - to even the running dogs of US imperialism - what has been obvious for ages that the US was the enabler of Israeli expansionism now is obvious to all.

We are witnessing the end of US Role in Middle East but it will probably take one final war to prove it conclusively and the new agents of that US Israeli defeat are stronger than they have ever been in the region.

Contrary to myths the Arab Street is not dead but it is finding new ways to surface and Trump's decision on Jerusalem is revitilizing the Arab Street after a short period of dormancy.

Biding your time until new openings arise shows the intelligence of the Arab Street - and Trumps' decision on Jerusalem is confirmation of the dialectic of history Trumps negation will be  the affirmation of the Palestinian Cause.

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