Saturday, December 16, 2017

Catalonia :'Future of Article 155 central in campaign debate'

Democracy and Class Struggle says the struggle in Catalonia is very important for the future of national rights and democracy not only in Spain but all of Europe.

The absence of a Marxist Leninist Maoist Revolutionary Party to lead working class National and Social Liberation in Catalonia is not the absence of the relevance of  Catalan Struggle to Europe and the rest of the World,

Catalonia's most hesitant bourgeoisie is confirmation that only the working class can lead the national struggle to success

In the absence of a revolutionary MLM  Party in Catalonia Democracy and Class Struggle like our Welsh Comrades in Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr critically supports Popular Unity CUP in Catalan Elections and a Constituent Assembly Process to create a democratic Constitution for the New Catalan Republic.

Those revisionists and  social democrats who rally to the defense of the Spanish State are promoting Social Fascism.

We know these  "Revolutionary" Leftists who love the Spanish the British and Imperialist French States very well.

They are opposed to the revolutionary smashing of these Imperialist States and are terrified of real revolution

They have good reason to fear us as their political days are numbered.

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