Thursday, December 28, 2017

"2017 Report on Human Rights Abuses in South Korea" Issued

Democracy and Class Struggle calls for the release of  Lee Seok-ki and the six other former UPP members, as well as Sang-gyun Han, the leader of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions. 

The National Reunification Institute of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea on Dec. 20 issued the "2017 Report on Human Rights Abuses in south Korea" to reveal the hideous crimes against humanity and human rights committed in south Korea this year.

The report deals with sad lot of the south Korean people who fell victim to the U.S. colonial rule.

Military exercises are staged almost everyday in the military bases of the U.S. including a shooting range of Yongphyong and therefore the south Korean people are trembling with horror under the noise pollution and various accidents and their living places have been devastated.

South Korea suffers great economic damage owing to the U.S. policy for plunder.

Crimes against humanity such as murder, rape, violence and robbery committed by GIs present in south Korea steadily increase.

The report points to the violated democratic rights and the life of south Koreans in dire destitution.

The south Korean people of every stratum demanded the reinstatement of democratic freedom and right, strongly calling for releasing the prisoners of conscience who fell victim to the fascist misrule of traitor Park Geun Hye's group and canceling the measure to outlaw the Teachers Union of south Korea (Jongyojo) after the change of the regime.

Nevertheless, the south Korean authorities resisted the south Koreans' demand for legalizing Jongyojo reiterating the sophism of conservative forces that "there is concern over negative effect on the people" and repelled the issue of prisoners of conscience, spouting that "they can't take amnesty measure to earn fame" and "the conservatives might call for Park's release."

In the long run, a former lawmaker from the Unified Progressive Party, the chairman of the south Korean Confederation of Trade Unions and many other prisoners of conscience are still behind bars though they were detained for no reason under Park's regime.

The report held that a fierce wind of confrontation with fellow countrymen rampant in south Korea has been accompanied with violation of human rights.

When the puppet authorities talked as if they could make a fresh change in favor of improvement of inter-Korean relations, the Family Movement for Realizing Democracy in south Korea and other progressive bodies demanded the present regime immediately send back Kim Ryon Hui and other DPRK women employees who suffered from the policy of confrontation of the puppet conservatives saying that this was a foremost task facing the regime for the sake of reconciliation and unity of the nation and to recover the downtrodden human rights and democracy.

But, the puppet Ministry of Unification hurt heart of Kim Ryon Hui who demanded repatriation by saying that it had to conduct repatriation movement worrying about her family members in the north.

Meanwhile, it openly sent a statement branding the abduction of women employees of the north as "defection from the north by their own wills" to the civic and public organizations. Not content with this, it committed thrice-cursed immoral crime by cooking up a new plot of "marriage" to detain them in south Korea.

The south Korean authorities wantonly abuse the desire and wishes of south Korean people for national reconciliation, unity and peace and reunification.

The puppet conservative group wrapped in premonition of last destruction by the great candlelight action lightening south Korea suppressed south Koreans from all walks of life who demanded for justice and improvement of the north-south relations labeling them as "pro-north left faction" and "forces following the north" on the charge of violation of the "security law" to tide over the crisis.

What is more enraging is that such fascist suppression is still going on in south Korea even after the change of the regime.

The report referred to the fact that the south Korean puppet army, colonial mercenary army of the U.S., is the exhibition of human rights abuses with the most grave problems.

Serious human losses occur one after another by the war exercises against the north and the number of officers and soldiers of the puppet army claim for discharge expressing mental diseases in fear of war and accidental death mushrooms.

American barrack culture has been deeply infiltrated into the south Korean puppet army and Yankee culture prevails and it regards brutality and atrocity as the first character of soldiers. Thereby violence serves as the basic mean and common life mode to maintain the army.

The situation of servicewomen in the puppet army is more miserable.

The human rights issue of south Korea can never be solved as long as the U.S. colonial domination and occupation exist and the puppet authorities' pro-U.S. sycophancy and policy of confrontation with the compatriots and unpopular rule continue in south Korea.

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