Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Rash Acts Will Bring Destruction DPRK warns Japanese Prime Minister Abe

Japanese Prime Minister Abe at the recent full-dress session of the House of Councilors said it is "necessary to actively examine the possession of the capabilities for preemptive attack on enemy bases" in order to defend the lives of people and their peaceful life from the "missile attack from the DPRK".

  In the meantime, the Japanese reactionaries have gone zealous in their moves to spread the story about "threat from the DPRK" at home and abroad through frequent citizens' evacuation and counteraction drill simulating the rocket attack from the DPRK and to build up the public opinion in support of the securement of the capabilities for preemptive attack under that pretext.

The moves of the Abe group for securing the capabilities for preemptive attack are a very dangerous military act rendering the regional situation tenser and gravely threatening the peace in Asia and the rest of the world.

From the first days of its office, the Abe group has persistently worked to justify their moves for becoming a military giant and launching overseas aggression while crying out for "breakaway from the postwar system" and revision of "pacifist constitution".

Now they are openly calling for securing the capabilities for preemptive attack, in disregard of the "pacifist constitution". This is aimed to launch reinvasion through an open preemptive attack.
In order to create a pretext for it, the Abe group is spreading the "story about missile threat from the DPRK" and inciting the hostility toward the DPRK and the "security crisis." The aim sought by the Japanese reactionaries is to completely reorganize the "Self-Defence Forces" into those of attack type in the near future and retrogressively revise the constitution.

Asia is not what it used to be in the past and Korea is not what it used to be in the past. The Abe group has to clearly understand this. If it drives the militarist chariot as crazily as now in pursuance of the U.S. in defiance of this changed reality, the group will push Japan into the abyss of destruction.


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