Thursday, December 7, 2017

South Korea: The Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front

Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front

The Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front (AINDF) is a banned (under the National Security Act) political organization in South Korea which aim is a popular revolution in the south and to throw out the US occupational forces from the Korean peninsula as well a unification of Korea.

The AINDF was founded during the 60’s, originally as Revolutionary Party for Reunification but the leadership of the party was executed under the regime of Park Chung Hee, a regime who was responsible for murders, torture and mystical disappearances of any opposition. 

Many members of the Revolutionary Party for Reunification were sentenced to long prison terms. In 1985, the party merged with Strategic Liberation Party of South Korea and changed it name to National Democratic Front of South Korea and in 2005 it changed it name to its current – Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front.

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