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Spain and Catalonia : The Limits of Gordilloism and the Candidatura d'Unitat Popular, CUP

Democracy and Class Struggle have long admired the struggle of Manuel Sanchez Gordillo in Andalusia in fact he has inspired us in Wales in the Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr especially on the Land Struggle.

However our love and admiration for him personally does not prevent us for criticizing his Pacifism and that of the CUP where he is speaking.

We of course love his criticisms of Podemos and Spanish Socialists

Of course we hate violence like any other human being only fascists worship it - however we recognize the right to self defense in Catalonia and elsewhere and full spectrum resistance to the Spanish State including military struggle and we repeat without a People's Army the People have Nothing from our immortal chairman Mao Zedong and it is time Gordillo and the CUP learned that basic law of revolution.    

The most worthy people, perhaps one of the most worthy people of the planet earth,  They do not want to find out, the  economic imperialism the greatest sovereignty thief which the history of humanity has given birth and it  has decided to take off the mask, and they  call globalization what is simply imperialism and in that imperialism there is something that at this moment cannot stand, the  freedom, democracy and sovereignty, because freedom means men and women who say their word, democracy means power of the people with the people and for the people, sovereignty means capacity to decide, real capacity to make concrete decisions on concrete problems. 

They do not want to learn and do not want to make as normal what is an aberration, they want to make us swallow like something natural that a minority exploit, steal, plunder, oppress and repress without any limit, children of the constitution the mother who supports you , the father who supports you.

It must be said that imperialism is the greatest sovereign thief and that means more market and less state, the decanting of sovereignty of the real capacity to decide of the people, of the people who have been to the market, and who controls the market, the big multinationals, the international monetary fund, and the global trade organization and that is where a fierce dictatorship is exercised and the governments, all the governments are no more than simple puppets obedient to the capitalist system of production. 

Therefore, the national question, the identity question and the class struggle, are the same struggle annoying the left-wing, which is neither  left-wing nor nothing,  because you have to be here with the people who claim for their  sovereignty. 

They do not allow sovereignty; they destroy sovereignty from the monopoly of violence, they say they want a monopoly on violence and I say why the rich men, why the powerful, because the empires in order to maintain their petty and criminals interests can use  the violence as much as they   want against the poor. and when these defend themselves they are called terrorists. 

When they defend their rights, although they use nonviolence as the Catalan people they are accused of being violent. 

Violent are they, terrorist are they. Just look at my dear comrades, when they disarm themselves. We want nonviolence, but it's the same. I was there on October 1st, and I saw a peaceful people with dignity, men and women, children and elderly people all of them defending their dignity, their dignity as persons and as a people and I saw the violence of the civil guard and I saw that they did not come to pay a visit, but to punish to repress to give an example that cannot be followed along that path.

And what do the gentlemen who control the market and the branch of the constitution of 1978 and to those who protect it, Rajoy as we already know; he is the fascism of always, but the PSOE (Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party),  it is the best foreman of the bourgeoisie, it is like the Trojan horse in the bosom of the workers movement, first they enter and then they stab us in the back, the CF the smiling fascism,  and I say that we have to face him from the active nonviolence and they are confusing us with lies, with many lies,  they talk about democracy and it is the market`s dictatorship , the dictatorship of a class, the state has been turned it into a repressive machine, some had doubts, you have to understand that the state is not neutral,  that the state is a machine of the dominant class to repress upon  the dominated classes,  upon  the peoples that reveal themselves against the established order because they want to make a different order more just, more utopian, more human, more libertarian, more humanitarian, 

They speak to us about the law, the law is nothing more than the infirmity of the powerful to impose its dictates and its advantages, they tell us that there is a division of powers and a detestable  lie, what a  more extraordinary myth ! 

I listen to Garzón of left-wing united and I listen to Pablo Iglesias of PODEMOS and you believe in the independence of the judiciary and they say it is indisputable. 

We do not realize, it is needed more since the crisis of 2008 and now here in Catalonia we need no more proof that the judges are more stooge of economic and political power and nothing more than that. 

I heard them said here and there law, democracy, freedom, nonviolence and they tell us other stories, they tell us that nationalism is bourgeois, that nationalism does not respect the working class that nationalism leads to violence and war.

I say that the one that breaks freedom, the one that breaks sovereignty, the one that leads us to war is the imperialism that destroys sovereignty by the simple whim of changing blood for oil, where is the sovereignty of the Libyan people, where is the sovereignty of the Palestinian people, where is the sovereignty of the Saharawi people. 

What crime had they committed? the wanting  to be sovereign, the wanting to decide on their own people,  and they  have been bombed  without mercy, and although we do not act from violence I have no doubt that if they had to go further in their violence I would say it, but, we cannot fear their violence, we have to respond to nonviolence knowing that we will never kill, but probably we may have to die, if it is necessary, for the life of the people, for their dreams, for their freedom, for their hopes


They are carrying out an experiment, and they are doing here as in the civil war before the fascism of Hitler and Mussolini. They want to see how long a people which is oppressed and repressed is able to endure, when they repress and imprison, and I have been in jail, jail is a punishment and there is no right that someone is in jail and less by political ideas, of course, there are rogue political prisoners, of course, there are political prisoners. 

And they impose the rules of the game, now they say that a democratic decision was going to be made because the conditions are right, and I say that there is already a fraud there is already a fraud because when Mr. Rajoy calls to vote for a people sovereign and legitimate, there is a fraud when you put O Jordi in jail, there is a fraud when they are not going to stop or in the recount of the votes. 

I expose my doubts here if the state has done what it has done, if the state is able to get to where it has come, what will they not do? they will not allow you to win, not because it would be recognizing that there is a people fighting for a superior humanity, that there is a people that requires dignity, that there is a people that is capable of breaking the structures of the system, that there is a people that by sovereignty is anti-imperialist, and that they cannot tolerate it, they cannot allow it therefore, you will have to observe them because they will not play fair or in the recount of the votes, they will not play fair in anything and I want to say and regret here that Andalusia a nation that requires sovereignty of an oppressed people since centuries ago, of a culture that has been silenced since centuries ago. 

It hurts me extraordinarily Andalusia, it hurts me that Andalusia be used as the vanguard of rancid Spanishness and do it from the board of Andalusia. they do it by bringing the Andalusian folklore, I do not justify it, Andalusia is not here, it is not here with Mrs. Theresa an unwelcome guest, that means to manipulate Andalusia, it is to rob Andalusia its folklore in order to attack Andalusia itself, traitors of Andalusia, scoundrels of Andalusia, scoundrels of the Catalan people, because they want to confuse it, they have no forgiveness, it is not a job because the executioners charge a salary, 

But, it is no justified to use Andalusian folklore to give strength to fascism, they have no forgiveness and this is what it has been doing from the presidency of the board, And that is what the unwelcome guest lady doing , She plays that game, they or we, and we are in a historical moment, and you break the history, you are creating a new history, you are an example for the world and for all the peoples that fight for their sovereignty, you are an example for the Andalusian people and from Andalusia we say you, thank you, thank you. 

Long live the people of Catalonia…. Long live Andalusia free and sovereign...Long live the people who fight for their freedom.... Come on, come on, come on.... they will not stop us, no matter how much they want to use us.. Come on, come on, come on.... 

We are on the right path, on the revolutionary path, on the subversive path, on the path of humanity... 

Long live the people who fight for their rights. 

Long live Andalusia... Long live Catalonia.

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