Thursday, December 14, 2017

Undoing the New Deal: Truman Embraces the Cold War (pt4)

Democracy and Class Struggle says this interview reveals more about the social democratic views of Kuznik than previous interviews - the comments on backward countries lead to backward socialism is blatant social imperialism with overtones of kautskyism and trotskyism old twin running dogs of social democracy.

Leninism and Maoism understands the basis of the advanced and backward ideologically and the backwardness of Western Social Democrats like Peter Kuznik.

Also the modern US revisionist current of Browderism ( the backward revision of communism ) did not come from nowhere and seriously  underestimated US Imperialism after the Second World War to the detriment of the working people of the United States - it also finds an echo in the Kuznik interview.   

Democracy and Class Struggle says New Deal in the USA like the Welfare State in Britain has been  finally undone by the neo liberal capitalist evangelists.

What lessons should we learn today 80 years later from the New Deal and Welfare State ?

My late comrade Arthur Evans who lived in United States through the New Deal and was a member of the Communist Party of The United States and in Britain was a member of the CPGB in the 1940/50's told me the New Deal/Welfare State was also a Warfare State.

The Communists in the United States became not just John L Lewis's hunting dogs but Roosevelt's hunting dogs and Earl Browder was the pack leader, saving democracy from Fascism was seen has the overridding consideration.

However subordinating domestic revolutionary politics came at a cost and the ease at which the Mob put Harry S Truman in power following the death of Roosevelt illustrated how narrow was the base for even a social democratic socialism in the United States.

Likewise in Britain the Welfare State came into existence at the same time of bloody interventions by British Imperialism in Greece and Malaya and the Warfare State has seen out the Welfare State.

Henry Wallace's Century of the Common Man gave way to the American Century of Time Magazine.

The American Century was a bloody Imperialist one, the Warfare State eroded the Welfare State and  destroyed the New Deal.

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