Friday, February 24, 2012

Let’s pay tribute to Pierre Overney Maoist worker killed 40 years ago

40 years ago, a man died. Pierre Overney, maoist worker and Gauche Prolétarienne’s activist (Proletarian Left), was shot by Jean Antoine Tramoni, member of the employer's militia in Renault Billancourt factory. In the midst of a wave of racist crime, Pierrot was distributing a leaflet for an antifascist demonstration at Metro Charonne in memory of the savagely suppressed protest by police 10 years earlier.

Of those who knew him, all tell his enthusiasm and vivacity, his energy devoted to the revolution, the people's cause. Beyond his personal character, Pierre Overney is a symbol of the youth who wanted to change everything, turn everything upside down by standing on the side of the exploited and oppressed. This part of the youth that was not satisfied with the achievements of May 68 and who wanted to go further ; this youth that rose "to storm the heavens."

Today it is a duty of memory to pay tribute to Pierre Overney, to salute his struggle and before all to take it our own hands. For older comrades, it is a matter of transmitting the fighting spirit that animated the time, transmitting the history as we do not read it in books, history from below, history siding with the people. For young comrades, it is a matter of appropriating our own history, working movement history, the history of the Gauche Prolétarienne, which was surely the most advanced and the most promising revolutionary experience in recent history in our country.

Appropriating our history means to make it live in the practice, every day, in every struggle, wherever there is oppression and exploitation. Our past must help us understand our present and must serve for the future. It is the duty of the younger generation, aided by the former.

Let’s pay tribute to Comrade Pierre Overney, fallen 40 years ago !

Transform nostalgia into energy for the struggle and revolution !

Pierre Overney lives in our struggle !


Saturday, February 25

Rally Tribute
Père Lachaise Cemetery

M°  Père Lachaise
Line 2 - exit 1

3:30 p.m.

Meeting, testimonies, discussion,
songs from Dominique Grange

CICP - 21 ter rue Voltaire - 75011

M° Rue des Boulets

Line 9
Le Drapeau Rouge,
Organe du Parti Communiste maoïste de France

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