Monday, February 13, 2012

CARC Party leader Enrico Ricci attacked by Fascists in Italy - News from CARC, ASP and SLL

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Thanks and news

We thank all organizations and individuals who  mobilized themselves showing international solidarity with the Italian Communists on trial in Bologna on 8th February. We inform that the resistance against the repressive campaign poses serious difficulties for the project to destroy the freedom of expression and organization the Communists won in our country with the war of Resistance against Nazi fascism. The trial was postponed to 2nd May. We will keep you informed on the ongoing battle, confident in the growth of international solidarity.

It is important to inform you that the attack against the Communists, and in this case against the CARC Party continues in various forms. In many cities of Tuscany the CARC Party is leading protests against the hideouts from which came out the fascist Nazi murderer Casseri, who killed two Senegalese in Florence last December. 

On 11th February the Party organized such a rally against a fascist parade in the city of Massa. When coming back home, the leader of the Party Enrico Ricci was attacked by the fascists who have ambushed him as police closed behind him the way out. The fascists have struck the comrade in his head with murderous rage, and only the intervention of another comrade has prevented the worst. Only then the police intervened, attacking the comrade rushed to help our Party leader and wounding him.

The attack does not restrain us but actually it increases our determination to wipe out the fascists, behind which there is a government that is making havoc of the achievements and rights of the masses, which responds to the growing protests throughout Italy with police attacks and arrests.

We ask each of you to participate in the fight against fascism in these attempts to restore fascism ongoing in Italy, writing to the mayor of Massa so as follows:

We protest against the fascist attack on those who took part in the demonstration against the fascist hideout “Casa Pound” at Massa, against the police who defend the fascists, which leave them unscathed, intervening in support of them, and against all political and institutional forces who keep on not to recognizing and then disregarding the Constitution, which prohibits the apology of fascism and the reconstitution of fascist organizations. 

So, according to the institutional position you hold, please ensure respect for the Constitution and take the measures necessary for the closure of “Casa Pound” in this city, Gold Medal of the Resistance against Nazi fascism, that the citizens commissioned you to administer. We also ask you to take a stand on what happened on 11th February in support of those who, as institutions do not do it, move at its own risk for the Constitution to be respected and for preventing fascists from showing their abhorrent ideology, from reorganizing themselves and from killing.

Thanks, and long live the international anti-fascist solidarity!

CARC Party,

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