Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Demonstrate for Haiti outside US Embassy, 24 Grosvenor Square, Wednesday 24th March 2-7 pm

Did you Know that the French government extorted 150 million gold francs from Haiti just because they were bold enough to win freedom and independence from France in 1804.

We demand the immediate reparations for the people of Haiti

Since the recent earthquake that occurred on 12th January 2010 did you know that the United States has used humanitarian aid has an excuse to put Haiti under military occupation.

We demand the immediate end to this military occupation and increased genuine humanitarian aid for the Haitian people.

Did you kow that hundreds of children have gone missing since the earthquake ? The 10 Americans who were recently arrested have been let off for kidnapping Haitian children are the tip of the iceberg !

We demand an immediate end to kidnappings of innocent Haitian children

* End the Occupation

* End the Kidnappings

* Reparations Now

Organised by Haiti First! Haiti Now !
Supported by George Jackson Socialist League, Democracy and Class Struggle,World Peoples Resistance Movement, Co-ordination Committee of the Revolutionary Communists of Britain

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Anonymous said...

It was actually 90 million gold francs. The original demand was lowered. Nice research.