Thursday, January 8, 2015

Proletari Comunisti PCm Italy on Charlie Hebdo

Charlie-Hebdo attack – imperialism, included french imperialism, sows the wind... reap the whirlwind

The attack with the massacre of journalists against the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo is primarily the result not so much of the 'satire' of this newspaper, but the economics and politics of imperialism included the French one.

The imperialists, with the French in the front row invade countries, bomb, occupy, kill people, including women and children, foment reactionary wars of all kinds in the countries oppressed by imperialism, where there is a strong Islamic religious component, from Afghanistan to Iraq, from Syria to Libya, from Africa to Asia.

The imperialists erase all freedom, create concentration camps such as Guantánamo, legitimize torture of are proud in the name of 'fighting terrorism'.

The imperialists rob the oil and the wealth of the Arab countries and feed and enrich feudal monarchies, reactionary dictators and governments subservient to them, while the people remain hungry, exploited and oppressed.

Imperialists develop racism toward the Arab and Muslim masses in the world, deride their religious feelings, consider the Arab-Muslim masses as inferior beings.

The imperialists support Israel - a state and a Nazi-Zionist regime that oppresses and daily destroys the Palestinian people in defiance of all human rights, democracy, self-determination.

The imperialists and their governments in each country develop policies of impoverishment, precariousness, unemployment, affecting also many migrants who arrive in these countries and many workers and poor people of Arab Muslim origin living in the ghettos of poverty – so as the Parisian banlieues - and those present in all imperialist countries; they fill centres for migrants, in fact for detention and deportation of immigrants, they fill their prisons of immigrants, develop toward them politics of persecution, rejection and racism.

The imperialists, their media, their newspapers, including those satirical, most often glorify and support the politics and military imperialist, political, economic and cultural action.

The cinemas right in these days are full of films and Hollywood products and not only that, as American sniper and many others, which enhance the soldiers and imperialist crimes as heroes and describe the Muslim masses and their fighters just as wild beasts.

Imperialism has funded, armed and supported fascist Islamic feudal forces like Al Qaeda and Isis when they were comfortable for its economic, political, military, geostrategic interests; forces that have become stronger and arrogate to themselves the representation of peoples and Muslim masses and say they act in their name, even when clearly they kill their own people as it happens currently in Rojava, Kobane Kurdistan...

This explains and is the cause of the fierce fascist-Islamist attack in Paris.
But this also explains that imperialism, his campaigns, his witch hunt, its inside and outside military action are not the solution, but nurture and expand the problem.

The unleashing of the anti-Islamic anti-migrants campaigns give mass base and consent to the fascist-nazi-racist forces in the imperialist countries and serve as a step to bring them to power, power of capital that overthrows and will increasingly overthrow on the proletariat and the masses as an iron heel of a Nazi kind.

That's why we proletarian communist-PCm Italy can not join the chorus of imperialist regimes and we call the proletariat, the masses, students and democratic intellectuals, including those engaged in the press and satire, not to join the chorus.

The imperialist corrupt and anti-people states and governments use this vicious attack to become more racist, fascist and repressive against the proletariat and the masses, to cancel within our countries, democracy and rights.

We support and encourage to sustain the masses in the by imperialism oppressed countries which fight against fascist-Islamic terrorism as in Rojava, Kobane in Kurdistan and in every country where it is spreading from Tunisia to Syria, etc.

We argue that the way it is not that of the feudal-fascist-Islamic terrorism but the way of the people's war against imperialism and the regimes subservient to it; this is the only way to liberate the masses from national and social oppression, from poverty and hunger.

This is the path pursued in India, Turkey... where the Maoist communists are those who organize the masses in struggle and in arms against the reactionary fundamentalist regimes, such as that of MODI in India or that of Erdogan in Turkey.

proletari comunisti-PCm Italy
January 2015

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