Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Norway: Tjen Folket : Stalin and the massacre in Paris

“… must be handled with great care, because the religious feelings of the people must not be offended.”
Stalin said in 1949 the following: “You [Albanians] are a separate people, just like the Persians and the Arabs, who have the same religion as the Turks. Your ancestors existed before the Romans and the Turks. Religion has nothing to do with nationality and statehood… Nevertheless, the question of religious beliefs must be kept well in mind, must be handled with great care, because the religious feelings of the people must not be offended. These feelings have been cultivated in the people for many centuries, and great patience is called for on this question, because the stand towards it is important for the compactness and unity of the people.”
The magazine Charlie Hebdo has done exactly the opposite of what Stalin proposed. They have trampled on ordinary people’s religious feelings. They have gone very far in doing so.

The text of the illustration says: “Boko Haram’s sex slaves are angry: DO NOT TOUCH OUR CHILD WELFARE” " These and similar illustrations also against other religious groups in France, as Jews and Catholics, is part of this magazine profile. Jews and Catholics are groups that are more firmly established in French society. How satire touches them somewhat less, although anti-Semitism is a real social problem in the country.
Some believe that freedom of speech only works when it hurts. We ask, for whom does it hurt? For the power or for the little man located on the very edge of society? Also satire has class character. Charlie Hebdo has not always been like this, french people remember with pleasure the drawings from Wolinski when he attacked the reactionary gaullistene and Cabuenes’s work where he attacks racists. Now the magazine has become an example of that part of the petty bourgeoisie is scared of globalization and seek together in fear of “the other”.
Those whose despicable attack killed 12 in the newsroom can not hide behind that it is a fair action, it is of course not

They did not do this to improve conditions for Muslims in Europe, they did this in order to increase the oppression of Muslims. They are fascists and using exactly the same tactics as the fascists used in the bomb attack at the train station in Bologna 2nd of August 1980, there were 85 people killed and 200 hurt. They also wanted to increase repression in Italian society. Increased repression of Muslims will lead to more angry young men who in turn will increase recruitment to the IS and other groups. To use this event against Muslims is just as wrong as to keep all Norwegian Christians responsible for ABB’s massacre on 22 July 2011.
Tjen Folket

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