Thursday, October 3, 2013

NDFP condemns arrest of 18 HERRIRA members

NDFP Chief International Representative
02 October 2013

NDFP condemns arrest of 18 HERRIRA members

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) strongly condemns the arrest of 18 members of HERRIRA by the Spanish Guardia Civil on 30 September 2013. HERRIRA is the Basque organization defending the rights of 600 Basque revolutionary political prisoners in the jails of the Spanish and French states. The Basque political prisoners are freedom fighters who uphold the freedom and independence of the Basque nation.

HERRIRA is a well known organization which has openly and peacefully acted in defense of the human rights of political prisoners and refugees. The arrest of the 18 members of HERRIRA violates the most fundamental democratic rights and freedoms of the HERRIRA members.

The NDFP demands, together with so many democratic organizations of the Basque people and their international friends, the immediate release of the 18 HERRIRA members.

The NDFP conveys its solidarity to them, their families, and colleagues. We, in the Philippines, also struggle against the oppressive US-backed Aquino regime. We fight for the freedom of over 450 political prisoners. The Aquino regime is like the current Spanish government. It is accused of massive corruption while the Filipino people suffer widespread unemployment and poverty amidst spiraling prices of basic commodities.

We express our firm support for the national protest demonstration in Bilbao this coming Saturday, October 5th. We reiterate our strong solidarity with the heroic Basque people in their continuing struggle for freedom and independence.

Chief International Representative
National Democratic Front of the Philippines

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