Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hatred of Socialism unites the Rothermere's old and young - Anti Socialist Propaganda for 80 years - has they laugh all the way to the bank and avoid taxes

Mr Harmsworth is one of the most influential people in the UK. Otherwise known as the 4th Viscount Rothermere, ]Daily Mail owner is worth a cool £1,020,000,000. Jonathan inherited his family fortune of over £1b in 1998 and ironically given the Mail’s anti-French – well, anti-everybody not English – stance is, er, French.

Athough only for UK tax purposes, the avoidance of, you understand…

People who throw stones should not live in glass houses - Daily Mail self proclaimed organ of Fascism in 1930's says Ralph Miliband  a dead Marxist Historian hated his country !

The Traitors were Mail readers Tory members of the Anglo German Fellowship and the Cliveden Set - some of us have memories.

At the beginning of 1934 Fascism in Britain was endowed with a large scale Press organisation by the resources of the millionaire Lord Rothermere Press it being placed at the service of the British Union of Fascists in order that it might represent :.

"a well organised party of the right to take over responsibility for national affairs with the same directness of purpose and energy of method as Hitler and Mussolini have displayed"

Lord Rothermere in the Daily Mail January 15th 1934.

Democracy and Class Struggle say some commentators say Rothermere only supported Nazis in early 30's and changed his mind in later 30's. That is a lie here is what he was saying in 1939.

"Our two great Nordic countries should pursue resolutely a policy of appeasement for, whatever anyone may say, our two great countries should be the leaders of the world," he told Joachim von Ribbentrop, Hitler's foreign minister, on July 7 1939.

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