Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Debt Ceiling Deadline Looming - Ranting and Raging in the USA

The de Americanisation of the World Financial System is already underway and is getting a boost from the ranting and raging in the USA.

We have the Alex Jones Info Wars ranting and raging that projects itself beyond left and right which calls Obama a Communist - which quickly exposes his right wing roots with its base of eclectic conservatism.

Then we have the ranting and raging of  Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks of the liberal left (The Welfare/Warfare of Roosevelt).

To this we add the Dylan Ratigan, Ranting and Raging,  a man that wants to appear to be an Alex Jones without the weird stuff another closet rightist who tries to appear leftist who opposes "corporate communism". The video above is from 2011 and his a classic rant, but his points are even more relevant with debt ceiling deadline tomorrow 17th October 2013.

They are all competing to give expression to the deep disgust with the democracy for the few of Wall Street which is in your face and is becoming impossible to deny - however we are not of the view that this disgust and outrage will take a progressive direction in America has we can see in the contradictions of the current crisis ugliness emerging from liberal as well as conservative America.

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