Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Post Maoism a Myth propagated by RCPUSA's New Synthesis

On Mao's Birthday Democracy  and Class Struggle  have published a number of contributions starting with an article on  Mao's' leadership methods written in 1943 which contributed  to the deveopment of the mass line within the Chinese Communist Party.

The roots of the mass line go back to Leninism and we have recently published an article which shows Stalin was a exponent of the Mass Line prior to Mao's more fuller development of the concept in theory and practice.

The fierce intellectual Post Modern ideological assault on Marxism , Marxism Leninism Maoism in the late 20th century has burned itself out by this first decade of the 21st century has it has been hit by the reality of capitalist class power and class struggle.

The Leninist concept of the State and Capitalist power over the State  reasserts itself in the 21st Century with Global Capitalism in profound Crisis.The basis of class power so vigorously denied has been reaffirmed by reality. Social power is Class power.

Parasitic Imperialism is more transparent than ever as a new era of Land grabs shake the globe aided by NGO's.

The anti Marxist Post Modern assault on intellectuals has claimed the RCPUSA has a victim who along with Post Marxism, Post Capitalism, Post Industrial  and a host of other cultural posties to proclaim a Post Maoism in Bob Avakian thought.

Jean Paul Sartre once famously said that Marxism had not been superceded because the conditions that gave rise to it still exist, concerning Maoism in the 21st century it is confirmed that Maoism is not superceded by Post Maoism or Avakianism has the intolerable conditions of global capitalism that gave rise to Marxism Leninism Maoism still exist. See Harsh Thakors Critique of New Synthesis

 Henry CK Liu comment on China  is relevant not just for China but for the world.

"The full impact of Mao's revolutionary spirit is yet to be released on Chinese society. A century from now, Mao's high-minded principles of mass politics will outshine all his neo-liberal critics".

On Comrade Mao's Birthday we call for defense of Marxism Leninism Maoism and the rejection of Prachanda's Neo Revisionism and Avakian's Post Maoism.

Democracy and Class Struggle

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