Thursday, December 6, 2012

Egypt : Live from Tahrir Square

Update 8/12/20`12

CAIRO — Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi said through his premier on Saturday he was ready to make what appeared to be key concessions to the opposition, after the army warned talks must avert a "disastrous" worsening of a weeks-long crisis
Prime Minister Hisham Qandil said Morsi had agreed to "modify" a controversial November 22 decree giving him expanded powers, and that he wanted to discuss postponing a referendum due next week on a controversial new constitution.

Update 8/12/2012
Egyptian opposition protesters have demonstrated outside the presidential palace in Cairo, after breaking through a barricade erected by security forces.

Tens of thousands had gathered near the palace after rejecting a call for dialogue by President Mohammed Morsi.
Egypt's top Islamic body has called on the president to suspend his decree claiming sweeping powers. The Al-Azhar institution also demanded an unconditional dialogue between the president and his opponents.

The BBC's Jon Leyne in Cairo says this move by one of the most respected bodies in Sunni Islam has put President Morsi - who was largely brought to power by the powerful Islamist Muslim Brotherhood - under more pressure.

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