Sunday, September 5, 2010

PFLP is considering freezing its membership of EC of Palestine Liberation Organisation

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine said on August 31, 2010 that it was considering freezing its membership in the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization in protest of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas' actions in entering into direct negotiations with the occupation state. Comrade Jamil Mizher, member of the Central Committee of the PFLP, said that "The Front's leadership in Palestine and abroad is engaged in consultations and discussions, including with the Front's imprisoned General Secretary, Comrade Ahmad Sa'adat, to discuss freezing our participation in the Executive  Committee."

Comrade Mizher said that there is an immense public backlash and a need for action in response to the direct negotiations, saying that Abbas' actions are deeply harmful to the Palestinian cause. He emphasized that under the PLO's own rules, the vote of the Executive Committee to return to negotiations was illegitimate and invalid, and that the meeting which took such a vote did not even include a quorum of members, saying the body had become a "Rubber stamp."

Comrade Marwan Fahoum, known as Abu Sami, member of the Political Bureau of the PFLP, said on September 2 that the Front remains options to all possibilities in the future regarding its relationship with the PLO, saying that the decision to go to these negotiations stands in direct contradiction to the national consensus expressed by Palestinian factions and independent civil society, and lacks any legitimacy.

He described the negotiations as nothing more than a new trick meant to lure the Palestinians to compromise fundamental rights and cover up the crimes of the occupation, as well as serving U.S. interests to maintain complete regional hegemony. He emphasized that the Quartet's statement on the negotiations offers
nothing but legitimacy to the occupation and the siege, saying that this poses a serious threat to Palestinian rights to return and self-determination and a waiver of international resolutions on Palestinian rights.

Comrade Abu Sami raised that the U.S./Israeli military threats against Iran,Lebanon and Syria must be recognized as relevant to the negotiations, saying that such negotiations set the stage for official Palestinian acquiescence and/or silence in the face of a war of aggression. He emphasized that it is critical to activate and support the resistance in all forms - including armed  resistance - against Israeli occupation - and called for a broad Palestinian national front to mobilize against the negotiations, build the resistance and call for international solidarity and support for our cause.

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