Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Report on MLM Meeting in Paris 30-31 January 2010 !

Good success for participations and representativities:

Debate-unity- struggle about building communist mlm parties in imperialist countries and in the world, from Italian, French, Turkish, Peruvian interventions and messages of Solidarity from India Britain, Bangladesh.

Useful interventions and talking also with ml parties and organisations - Turkish MLKP and Austria / strong interventions of Italian Maoist youth red block and the Women of mfpr-italy / report from Nepal for French-Nepalese commitee/ two intervention from Sans papiers movement/ importants propositions about different aspects of class struggles.

An international review- first publishing acts of Paris meeting,
a joint May Day 2010. Realize a common mlm declaration,
a proposition for a red relief proletarian international. A text for
proposition and debate and the most important decision:

an International campaign and International commitee for supporting peoples war in India.

The first two months for birth commitees in all countries-after three
months campaign in all countries a possibility.

As comrades can see.. a good result in Paris and a best work to do !

Maoist Communist Party Of Italy
1st February 2010

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