Sunday, February 7, 2010

Nepal is in the front line of Indian expansionism - demonstrate on 15th February 2010 against Indian expansionism and its war on its own People

Nepal is in the front line of Indian Expansionism and today we have reported that that more than hundreds of thousands of hectares of Nepal's land is being encroached upon by the Indian state. In many places, Nepal's land is being inundated by illegal dams constructed by India on the nearby Nepal-India border.

For over the past 40 years, thousands of Indian military personnel have been stationed in Mahakali occupying a large section of Nepalese land.

We have received a letter from the Progressive Nepalese Forum stating the following

"the Indian ruling class is the single biggest threat not just for Nepal as a whole but also as regards the prosperity, development, and peace of the whole South Asian region including its own people.

As a clear evidence, India has fought wars with its immediate neighbours, China and Pakistan, and has had so many border clashes with Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan even with the Maldives.

Furthermore, it has been unleashing a military offensive against its own masses with the disappearances of journalists, civil society activists, politicians, environmentalists, human rights activists, and even ordinary people, murdering of thousands of Indian people every year.
To my knowledge, there is no such other single nation like India which has dozens of so-called 'separatist groups' fighting their own national liberation wars. So I do believe that all of South Asian people and nations must unite against Indian expansionism for the sake of prosperity, development, freedom and peace"

The Nepalese Society UK,and would like to request all of you very sincerely to participate in the following forthcoming protest rally against Indian expansionism:

Date: 15 (Monday) February 2010
Venue: The rally will start at Trafalgar Square, North Terrace and march towards
the Embassy of India.
Time: 12 PM sharp

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