Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Celebration of the Life of Claudia Jones Brixton - London - Sunday 28th February

The Pan Afrikan Voice invites all Afrikan/Black Working Class and Progressive People to celebrate the Life of this outstanding revolutionary Communist Working Class Hero and Mother of the Notting Hill Carnival

Picture Claudia Jones 1915 - 1964

Meeting Sunday 28th February 2010 - 4pm start Venue KARIBU EDUCATION CENTRE 7 Gresham Road, Brixton, London SW2 (3rd right street from Brixton Tube Station)

Speakers Invited

Marika Sherwood - The Life of Claudia Jones in Exile in Britain

Sister Christine Pan Afrikan Society Community Forum : The Role of Woman fighters in the Haitian Revolution

Radha D'Souza Lecturer : The Role of Women in the Struggle for Social Justice in India

Nickglais of Democracy and Class Struggle : The Task of the British Working Class Against Racism and Class oppression and the Struggle for Socialism in the 21st Century
Comrade Tongogara of George Jackson Socialist League: The need for a Multinational Workers Party in Britain
Speaker from Fight Racism Fight Imperialism:British Imperialism in the World Today and the task of the British Working Class

Entry Free - Donations welcome

Event organised by George Jackson Socialist League

Supported by World People's Resistance Movement
The Co-ordination Committee of the Revolutionary Communists of Britain

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