Monday, November 23, 2009

Nepalese Maoists declare third Janaandolan is about to begin

The deadline exteded to the govt by the UCPN (M) has expired. The third wave of the Maoist protests, the third Janaandolan, is about to begin. It will include a three day nationwide general strike, a series of actions by the sister wings of the party (women, labourers, teachers, students etc), a series of actioons by the regional and ethnic wings, and if the government remains undefeated the Maoists will declare an indefinite general political strike.

Baburam Bhattarai summed up the difference between this round and those before it - "in the second round of protests, we knocked n the door of the government. In the third wave we will knock the door down."

The Maoists also appear to have decided to let the budget pass, in order to prove to the masses that they, unlike the govt, care about their wellbeing. The inability of the govt to pass it's budget had meant that govt departments had run out of money and everything from prisons to the PLA cantonments could no longer recieve funding.

Events are moving quickly, and the brave revolutionary people of Nepal need our support and solidarity. Lal salaam!

Thanks to Alastair Reith and Maoist List for this article

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