Thursday, November 5, 2009

Maoist chief says govt will suffer Gyanendra's fate if threats, repression continue

The Maoists will intensify their nationwide movement in such a manner it cannot be stopped by any power in the whole world, Unified CPN (Maoist) Chairman Prachanda aka Pushpa Kamal Dahal proclaimed on Thursday.

Addressing a mass gathering organized in the district headquarter of eastern hilly district Illam today, the Maoist chairman also warned the ministers of the current government not to use threats and intimidation tactics against them like the ministers during the rule of former king Gyanendra's time used to do or their fate would also be similar to them.

But in the same breath, he claimed that the current government doesn't have any standing in front of the people and therefore cannot suppress the Maoist nationwide agitation by using force even though it has put all the security agencies on high alert.

Dahal again reassured that the agitation waged by the Maoists will be "peaceful" and called on the party activists not to engage in vandalism and violence.

The Maoists were organizing the agitation not to get back in power but to uphold civilian supremacy by liberating the people, he claimed

Stating that the Maoists have the mandate of the people because it secured a majority in the election, he said the people's movement organized by the Maoists is gaining pace and the people will make the final decision on the government.

He also claimed that the people's participation in the Maoist agitation is growing by the day and urged the people gathered at the venue to also actively participate in it.

In another topic, he said Defense Minister Bidhyadevi Bhandari has been going around making controversial remarks against the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), because of which the process of army integration has been much delayed.

Source: Nepal News

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