Sunday, November 29, 2009

Meeting in London addresses question of Maoist led Tribal Struggle in India

A packed public meeting called by the Co-ordination Committee of the Revolutionary Communists of Britain in London examined the origin and roots of the caste system in India and the class and caste contradictions that has led to the oppressed Tribals or Adivasi people being attacked by the Indian State with ferocious military force under Operation Green Hunt.

The Adivasi and Maoist resistance movements were discussed and the meeting explored ways in which the multinationals of British or European origin should be exposed for their complicity in the savage attacks by The Indian Government on the Adivasi people.The Multinationals are the benificaries of the land grab MOU's signed by the Indian Government.

Solidarity with the Maoist led Adivasi struggle was expressed at the meeting with a determination to expose all those responsible from Multinational's to the Indian Government responsible for the slaughter of democratic forces of resistance to oppression.

A statement was read to the meeting stating that Saibaba of the RDF had never agreed to speak at this meeting and the previous announcement was a case of mis communication.

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