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October 30, 2009


Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Home Minister Chidambaram have been putting forth the most absurd proposal for talks with the CPI (Maoist)
provided the latter abjured violence. While amassing thousands of
paramilitary forces in the Maoist-dominated areas in the country and
carrying out brutal attacks against unarmed adivasi people and the
Maoist revolutionaries, they are shamelessly talking of violence by
Maoists. According to the grand plan of the reactionary rulers a total
of 75,000 central forces, assisted by tactical air support by IAF
choppers, will go to war by the end of this month. An equal number of
police forces from the states will join these central forces to carry
out the biggest ever military offensive against the people in general
and the Maoists in particular. While deploying such a huge force,
which is greater in size than the armies of most countries in the
world, Chidambaram is trying to fool the people that he is not going
to war with the Maoists. It is the state terror, saffron terror, and
state-sponsored terror that have become the greatest threat to peace
and security in our country. The Congress-led UPA government has to
its credit the massacre of over 2000 people and Maoist revolutionaries
in the past five years. And yet, Manmohan and Chidambaram have the
audacity to say that their government is implementing the “rule of
law” and ask the Maoists to lay down arms and sit for talks.
Asking Maoists to lay down arms as a pre-condition for talks shows the
utter ignorance of Manmohan and Chidambaram regarding the historical
and socio-economic factors that had given rise to the Maoist movement
or are too intoxicated by the brute force they possess by which they
dream they can stamp out a movement rooted in the socio-economic

The CC, CPI (Maoist), makes it crystal-clear that laying down arms means a betrayal of the people’s interests. We have taken up arms
for the defence of people’s rights and for achieving their liberation
from all types of exploitation and oppression. As long as oppression
and exploitation exist, people will continue to be armed in ever
greater number. However, an agreement could be reached by both sides
on a cease-fire if Manmohan and Chidambaram give up their irrational,
illogical, impractical, absurd and obstinate stand that the Maoists
should abjure violence. They should be introspective and decide
whether they are prepared to abjure state terror and unbridled
violence on the people. If at all they are serious about talks then
they should first create a conducive atmosphere by earnestly
implementing at least what is guaranteed by the Indian constitution by
which they swear.

They should stop illegal abductions of Maoists and people suspected to
be supporting Maoists. They should put an immediate halt to torture
and murder of unarmed people, instruct their so-called security forces
to desist from raping women in Maoist-dominated areas, abandon their
policy of destroying the property of the people and burning adivasi
villages. They should withdraw the police and para-military camps from
the school buildings, panchayat community buildings and from the
interior areas so as to instill a sense of security among the people.
They should disband the state-sponsored armed vigilante gangs like
salwa judum, sendra, gram suraksha samiti, nagarik suraksha samiti,
shanti sena, harmad bahini, and other blood-thirsty mercenary gangs
that are unconstitutionally established by the police top brass and
the ruling class parties. An impartial judicial commission of enquiry
should be formed to go into the inhuman atrocities by the police,
CRPF, other central forces and the vigilante gangs on Maoists and the
people at large and basing on the investigations the culprits should
be punished as per the law. All those arrested for being Maoists or on
suspicion of aiding the Maoists, including people in particular who do
not have any connection with our organisation, should be released
unconditionally. They should repeal all draconian laws and Acts such
as the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA), Chhattisgarh Special
Powers Act, Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA), etc. They should
disband the government-organised concentration camps in the name of
rehabilitation of the adivasis displaced from their villages, pay
adequate compensation to over two lakh adivasis who were forcibly
displaced by the salwa judum gangs and the CRPF-police combine. All
those who have become victims of state and state-sponsored terror,
i.e., those who were murdered, maimed, raped and pushed into a state
of mental trauma should be given adequate compensation.

As for socio-economic issues, the lands of the tribals should be
handed back to them wherever they are snatched from them; the mining
and other so-called development projects that lead to displacement of
the tribals and destruction of their way of life should be immediately
disbanded. All the MOUs signed with the imperialist MNCs like Vedanta
and the big business houses like the Tatas, Mittals, Essar, Jindal,
etc should be scrapped. The much trumpeted policy of Special Economic
Zones which is nothing but to create enclaves of foreign occupation
and imperialist plunder that ruin havoc in the social, economic,
ecologic and cultural lives of the people living in these areas should
be immediately scrapped along with the colonial policy of land
acquisition. The lands snatched away from the tribals by unscrupulous
landlords, other non-adivasis, and by the government should be
restored to their rightful owners. If these are fulfilled, then one
can think of talks to discuss on the deeper issues that are blocking
the real development of our country.

The CC, CPI (Maoist) unequivocally asserts that the government’s
proposal for peace talks is only a propaganda ploy that in no way
differs from the peace proposals of Hitler prior to World War II.
After the Cabinet Committee on Security had given the final approval
for the massive offensive against the Maoists, after the IAF choppers
are ready with the Garuda commandos and gunships to pulverize the
adivasi areas, these war-mongers are talking of peace! We appeal to
all democratic and peace-loving forces to expose the hypocrisy and
double-speak of Manmohan, Chidambaram, Raman Singh, Buddhadeb and
others and oppose their war preparations against the oppressed
downtrodden people of our country who are waging a struggle for land,
livelihood and liberation from inhuman feudal and imperialist

Central Committee,

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