Wednesday, October 5, 2016

USA: Maintaining Maritime Superiority with Admiral John Richards : US prepared ‘to fight’ in Russia, China missile defense zones

The US Navy is seemingly ready to conduct operations in areas regarded as no-go missile areas, said the US Chief of Naval Operations. Such defense missile zones can be found at Russia’s and China’s coastlines.
This was announced by Admiral John Richardson during remarks made at the US Naval Institute – CSIS Maritime Security Dialogue.

He said that from now on the US Navy is “scaling down” the term ‘A2/AD’ (anti-access/area denial) from its communications.

We already have provocative US actions off North Korea on the US defined Northern Limit Line 100 miles above DMZ.

Intrusions into sensitive areas the South China Sea and provocations in the Baltic and Black Sea.

Democracy and Class Struggle see this statement from Admiral John Richards inviting clear accelerating maritime conflict with Russia, China and Iran and North Korea.