Friday, October 7, 2016

Turkish Troops in Iraq and Syria : Blatant Turkish Aggression targeting Kurds

Turkeys role in attacking the Kurds in Southern East Turkey - North Kurdistan and West Kurdistan - Northern Syria is clear, they are now trying to enlist Russia, Syria and Iran to support them - but as the above video shows without much success.

Turkey remains a bulwark of NATO and is still joined at the hip with US Imperialism and the US Imperialists will betray the Kurds for geo - political advantage in Middle East.

We remind our Kurdish comrades of the genocide of the Tamils in Sri Lanka under cover of the United Nations with co-operation of US Imperialism and India.

Kurdish self reliance becomes more important than ever if they are to survive and defeat Turkish attacks and the perfidy of their neighbours.

International Solidarity with the Kurdish Struggle has never been more important than now

Welsh Kurdish Solidarity