Sunday, June 7, 2015

Greece : Tariq Ali talks to Stathis Kouvelakis - Default and Leave the Eurozone Now !

Democracy and Class Struggle says the European and Greek Left must stop demonising the nation state and reject the cosmopolitan ideology of globalist neo liberals who run the European Union.

We must reassert our revolutionary leadership of national as well as social liberation - the national humiliation of Greece must end and its social liberation begin with Greece defaulting and leaving the Eurozone now.

The blindness of Syriza in the current crisis has its roots in its pro European Union faction

The European Union of Neo Liberals is NOT the European Union of its PEOPLES.

Greece must default and leave the Eurozone and begin the long march back to National and Social Liberation for its people and the deadly enemy of the European Union must NEVER be taken for a friend.

A New European Union of Peoples is possible but only with the destruction of the Neo Liberal European Union.

Statements from Yr Aflonyddwch Mawr / Great Unrest on European Union


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Anonymous said...

Tariq Ali should be in the house of Lords. A very plummy accent for a proletarian!