Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Koodankulam : People’s protest against nuclear power plant fuelled by multi-national corporate - The people in Koodankualm need the support and solidarity from the oppressed people around the world.

The Indian central government announced the start of production in Koodankulam nuclear power plant which is in Tamil Nadu this week. Chennai High Court granted permission to fill in the uranium fuel in a nuclear reactor. Despite the continued opposition of the local population in the state, courts provided permission. In this situation, people and the community leaders announced they were going to block the nuclear power stations.

According to the announcement, people including thousands of children and women marched towards the plant on 09.09.2012. Police officers and district collectors attempted to prevent them, and tried to talk to them in by insidious legal language.

More than 5,000 police were deployed to control the small area and imposed the ban to protest.

People staying in the open on the beach last night are still continuing with their struggle.

Approximately 20,000 people are camping outside Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant since yesterday morning. Although it was passive, today, police were determined to break the siege of the nuclear plant and resorted to violence against peaceful protesters.

State police first attacked the people with tear gas. They broke the people’s houses and properties.

A protester was also killed while participating in the demonstration.

Thousands of people were injured and some of them are hospitalised.

Indian state terrorism with the collaboration of Tamil Nadu police is definitely a war crime.

Police forces seized many of the protesters holds. The entire area has been isolated. The state organising committee of the Marxist Leninist party’s human rights lawyers are also trapped inside.

The Indian state, fuelled by multi-national corporate’s endless profit mania, is imposing such a dangerous nuclear plant on Indian people.

The people in Koodankualm need the support and solidarity from the oppressed people around the world.

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