Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Balchder Cymru response to article attempting to misrepresent and discredit them in Western Mail

Balchder Cymru's response to today's article in the Western Mail
Balchder Cymru are extremely disappointed by Martin Shiptons blatant attempt to discredit the movement by associating it with the leadership of Plaid Cymru. 
Balchder Cymru is not affiliated with the party and was at the republic event by invitation. The leadership of Plaid themselves were indeed inviting all and sundry. 
As chair of Balchder Cymru I question why Mr Shipton is bringing this up now when the event in question was in 2011? 
The other point I want to make is BC is not or has ever been anti English but is anti British state.
It is sad that Plaid has chosen to fall into Mr Shiptons trap and rashly responded by jumping the gun and calling BC abhorrent when it's Plaids constant faffing on the sidelines and fiddling whilst Rome burns in relation to our mountains being swamped by giant windfarms and dodging the independence question at every turn is precisely why BC is not affiliated to any political party. 
Mr Shipton obviously has an axe to grind or is responding to digs from other politicians, interesting to note ken Skates join the debate when I have personally seen mr Skates at more BC supported events than any Plaid representatives, I suppose that's what happens when you try to get your profile raised and just turn up at everything going.
BC is made up of cross party supporters and vehemently defends its record in standing on the side of the people against the state. 
Fe godwn ni eto. 
Adam Phillips BC chair 18/09/2012

Article Balchder Cymru responding to here :

Democracy and Class Struggle says that Balchder Cymru is one of the few organisations defending Welsh Communities against Industrial Scale Windfarming and Landgrabbing in Wales and opposes Plaid Cymu's support for Eco Colonialism in Wales and should be supported.

The Great Unrest Group 2012 expresses its solidarity to Balchder Cymru as  a defender of Welsh communities, it lives up to its name as the Pride of Wales unlike Plaid Cymru which is a collaborator in the Eco Colonialism and serves as party of English Neo Colonialism  in Wales.

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