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Dydd Owain Glyndŵr hapus i bawb! Cofiwch chwifio eich baner Glyndŵr heddiw o ffenestri eich tai os nad oes gennych bolyn pwrpasol - os nad ydych yn dod a'r faner i'r Rali Dydd Glyndŵr ym Mhontardawe wrth gwrs! Gweler y ffilm yn y ddolen gyswllt isod sy'n dangos ymhle y chwifwyd y faner ar Ddydd Glyndŵr Llynedd. Dwi'n siwr byddaf yn gallu ychwanegu llawer mwy o luniau i'r ffilm yma wedi Dydd Glyndŵr eleni!

Happy Dydd Glyndŵr Day to Everyone! Don't forget to get your Glyndwr flag out this morning to fly throughout the day out of your windows if you do not have a flag pole - unless you are coming to the Dydd Glyndwr Rali at Pontardawe of course, if so, bring it with you. See the film in the link below which will remind you all of where the flag was flown last year. I'm confident that I can add plenty more photos to this film after today!

The Gwerin Owain Manifesto:

Many people, not just patriots, will be aware that Embassy Glyndŵr has been to the fore in promoting Hanes Glyndŵr and with our Gwaith Glyndŵr, have carried out many initiatives to ensure that our greatest of national heroes is  recognised in a number of practical ways such as advancing 16 Medi as 'Dydd Glyndŵr', the wearing of the Glyndŵr Ribbon and the flying of Baneri Glyndŵr on this and other days as and when people so wish throughout the land. I do not want to take up space now in repeating a long list of our achievements when such are recorded on our blog: Owain Glyndŵr Communicates and in our films on youtube. Now we set forth in a new positive political directions which will be made public at Pontardawe this Sunday 16 Medi 2012: 

My purpose in this statement - Declaration of Intent of Determination is to announce a major change of direction, not such which is entirely new as we have always set out to not simply be 'just'  a 'Commemorative Society' but also have led the way forward in a combative consciousness campaigning struggle in many areas. Not least, in recent years, via our Tarian Glyndŵr Initiative to defend our Heritage in the Landscape, and in particular, against the ravaging of our country by the 'New Conquistadores' aka 'Windmill Masters'' otherwise as far as we are concerned 'Renewables Robber Barons. This direction has now taken a central position in our whole being and in our priority concerns, this will continue to become more central as we have determined, hence, a political road for Embassy Glyndŵr, to more participate in the establishment, building and advance of a National Liberation Movement and Struuggle for Welsh Independance.

We are mindful of the realities that brought the Cymry of 1400 to rise with Owain Glyndŵr - and of how, amazingly quickly, the war of independence spread right across the land. This was brought about by a Cymru that had become an English Colony with the occupation of 1282. 

Bourgeois Nationalism likes to make of this, a mainly 'cultural conquest' of Y Cymry but not so. 

It was one of Social Consequence and of Economic Colonialism, the English occupation and Colonisation was such which would, by means of the Statute of Rhuddlun 1294 with Penal Legislation, militate economically and socially against the Cymry in a number of ways. One example of this Economic Colonisation, which has a modern echo, was the Windmilling of Cymru. 

In post occupation Cymru, this meant that the Cymry could farm wheat if they had the arable land to do so but they could not mill it or bake it or sell it in the English controlled markets and Borough Towns, Only the 'occupiers' could do that. This is why, as a well thought out 'Economic War Strategy' by Glyndŵr, his largelly Peasant Army would destroy Wind and Water mills and smash the grinding stones.

The consequence being over one hundred years of economic poverty with no way upward and very little social mobility, thus this began to produce a large underclass of the poverty stricken, many of whom became thieves and outlaws - such as 'Adar y Griem' or mercenaries. Whilst runaway serfs, bond people and tenants ran away from their masters to begin to populate the upland and remoter margins of Cymru. This was a 15th century 'underclass' and an army in waiting.

The 'Welsh Revolt', as it was first thought to be - was, initially, of no serious concern but, the 'Conquistadors' and 'Colonists' had misread much. Not least the resent and growing ill temper of the Cymry and their  eagerness to fight back, a desire that the Bards and 'Y Clerwyr' give voice to in the years leading up to 1400. 

All that was needed was a spark, the fuse to be lit and this occurred in September 1400 and 'Freedom's Flame' quickly spread throughout the land and the Revolt of 1400 became, in 1401, a War of National Liberation that by 1403 had destroyed English Castle Rule in Cymru and by 1404 had witnessed Glyndŵr holding Court at Cefn Caer, Pennal and calling for a Parliament in Machynlleth at which he was crowned 'Tywysog Cymru' on 21 June - a day we remember as Dydd y Senedd' or Dydd Sofraniaeth

In the Cymru of today, once more under English rule we witness Social decline brought about by English and native colonial collaborationist misrule that has caused vast unemployment and depopulation alongside, of which we have seen in recent times, a new post devolution economic colonialism - not least, by the Windmill Masters who follow in the footsteps of Copper, Iron, Slate and Coal Masters to pillage our land in another 'Rape of the Fair Country'. 

Seeking again to Land Grab as regards the Vyrnwy Estate and many of our mountains upon which to set Windmill Plantations, all this, yet again, an expropriation of our natural resources and exploitation of our communities and people.

We are also, at this time , witnessing the establishment of a CORPORATE COLONY CYMRU and unbelievably to the fore in collaboration of this, is Plaid 'Green' Cymru, failed and rejected reformist Welsh Nationalist Party, a Party so politically bankrupt that it has fallen for a 'Rainbow Republicanism' that makes of Cymru a 'Green Banana Republic' which only masks the reality of a Plaid' green' Cymru as a willing tool of International Capitalism and Green Imperialism

Our Country is at the 11th Hour, even possibly one minute to midnight of a 'Tan 8 Terrorism' that wages a Windmill War upon Cymru. Under these circumstances, all Patriots and Patriotic Groups, and that includes Embassy Glyndŵr working mainly via Tarian Glyndwr must of great neccessity, put to their fore, the political question of how we may all now advance a National Liberation Struggle, a struggle that first and foremost sets out to defend our country from all forms of exploitation and expropriation but, which at the same time, continues to seek National Freedom in an Independence Struggle which seeks to restore Senedd Glyndŵr in a re-established Cenedl Glyndŵr - Cenedl Cymru Rydd. 

This now is the Political Platform Embassy Glyndŵr will seek to put to the fore and represent, whilst working with radical groups such as PAW - Patriots Against Windmills, Partisan Cymru and the Great Unrest Group as well as Balchder Cymru, The Peoples Council and Celtic League possibly formed as a United National Resistance Council ?

In Conclusion. 

Most Nationalists, I know, are of a 'Socialist' mind though of varying degrees of commitment. I myself, and my partner Gethin Gruffydd support Partisan Cymru and the Great Unrest Group along with their Struggle for Land and Liberty and a Wales Land Act:

However, there is a 'Cymric Socialism' that is still of an 'Internationalist Ilk' that, in reality, goes as far as the White Cliffs of Dover and is almost totally ignorant of the History of Cymru and whom in their 'usual suspect' views, blindly follow in the footsteps of an English, European or even the American New Left, There is no greater area of their duplicity or, should that be stupidity?, that in the 'Green Wash' area in supporting Capitalist Corporate Economic Colonisers to Pillage our land and resources.

In areas of history- and especially in that of Hanes Glyndŵr, they fear to come to terms with the fact that this medieval land owner was as Zapata, also a Land Owner. As for being of 'royal blood', the 'Socialist Spartacus' was also of Royal Blood. 

The fact of the matter is, Glyndŵr led, largely, a peasant army content to support him as his revolt was also in their favour and liberating they to from serfdom and bondage. Because of the War of Independence such servitude would disappear and also make it possible for the 'Underclass' to during, and after the war, occupy the uplands and other margins of Cymric Territory - and even, in some parts, re-occupy land that had been taken from the native over the Anglo - Norman Centuries of Conquest and Colonisation. 

This Peasant Army in time would become the 'People of the Pitchfork' of later centuries who would rise and fight against enclosures of their land with the call to action of 'Trech Gwlad Nag Arglwydd. 

Thus, if of Socialist mind, be reminded that what was good enougth for 19th century Socialists and workers, who had lodges named after Glyndŵr and drank in a Merthyr Pub named the Owain Glyndŵr, then it should be good enough for you.

Thus, join us in a Peoples Struggle as was, in many ways, the Owain Glyndwr War of Independance. Do not be on the wrong side!

Siân Ifan.
C.E.O. Embassy Glyndŵr

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