Thursday, September 6, 2012

Against the NGO/INGO Project by Rishi Raj Baral

Democracy and Class Struggle is pleased to publish this article by Comrade Rishi Raj Baral of the Next Front Nepal on NGO's on the recent valued contributions from our Comrade Saba Navalan's articles on the NGO’s Harvest and Civil Societies and Imperialist Components.

Last week, The Next Front had posted two articles-The Drawback Of Nepal’s Revolution : The NGO’s Harvest and Civil societies and NGOs : The Imperialist components, by Sava Navalan.

These articles got good response from the viewers inside the country and abroad. During the 10 years People’s War the NGO/INGO and multinational companies were driven out from the rural areas. They were not allowed to enter in the war zone and Base Areas. We were fully aware of that NGO/INGO are the tools of imperialism and they serve the interest of reactionary governments.

During the People’s War we published dozens of articles unmasking the reactionary role of NGO/INGOs. To educate the party cadres we translated many articles from English and other languages. But after the ‘Peace process’ as Navalan has mentioned in his article, we were entrapped in the hand of INGOs- the imperialist components.

Our comrades, especially those comrades, who worked as the member of the constituent assembly were/ are badly affected by INGO culture. Travelling the capitalist countries, enough pocket money to enjoy and regular meeting and seminars at 5 star hotels, have made them lousy and dull. INGOs have provided our comrades more than one laptop-computers. But they never used and are not using their computers properly .

They have no interest to visit revolutionary websites and articles. They are habituated in luxurious life style and they prefer to waste time in making gossip. They use their computers as the toy for their children- playing video games from morning to evening. Even the senior members of the Maoist party are not interested to visit revolutionary websites and to study current ICM. In the party meeting they always talk about revolution, but in practice they always think about their personal life and means of how to earn money. Here we must be clear that it does not apply to all, it is the matter of a few number. But frankly, I would like to stress that the NGO/INGO virus has badly damaged/damaging the Maoist party and the Nepalese revolution.

It is not only the matter of Prachanda-Baburam group, (it is known to all that Prachanda himself is the co- chairman of APECF- Sino-American INGO), it is the matter of revolutionary Comrades too. The main trend of CPN-Maoist is revolutionary, but it is the matter to note that some of the comrades of CPN-Maoist, especially Comrades from the ethnic and dalit (lower caste) community are badly affected by NGO/INGO culture.

In this regard, I would like to mention the name of the group of CA members’-Janajati Caucus’, ‘Women Caucus’, ‘Dalit Caucus’ and so on. But they need no any Caucus regarding the problem of landless people. What a matter of irony ! There is a women’s network called as ‘Mahila sanjal,’ where most of the women leaders of CPN-Maoist also were/are involved. It is known to all that ‘Mahila sanjal’ is not the joint front of the oppressed women, but this is an INGO based on bourgeois ideology and interest. We all know these days Nepal is facing a new type of problem that is ‘Federalism of single jatiya identity’- that is ethnicity based federalism.

At present NGO/INGO are expanding their role in the name of ‘federalism’. In the name of ‘Adivasi’( indigenous) and Ethnic problem, marginalized community and ‘inclusiveness,’ NGO/INGO are extending their activities against Marxism and revolutionary activities. They are against class struggle and pleading the significance of Clash of civilization. Most of the university professors from the ethnic community and ex-officers from the Nepal army, are the followers of Clash of civilization. They are breaking political parties and backing the ‘Janajati’ leaders to form a new party based on ethnicity. The leaders from the ethnic community have no any hesitation to accept that they are directed by the imperialist countries. Openly they have declared that they have taken millions of dollar from America and European countries in the name of Adivasi and ethnic community .

And it is the matter to note that in the name of federalism and ‘single jatiya identity’ our revolutionary comrades also are running behind them. It is true, imperialists and Indian reactionaries have succeed to damage the Nepalese revolution and it is clear that in the coming days, they will try to their best to damage it more. We must be conscious on this issue. Federalism should not be the main objective of a revolutionary party, its goal is the New Democratic Revolution. Then what for Maoist party is pleading federal system of ‘Ekal jatiya identity’ ? It is the question to be answered. The goal of revolutionaries is not just to ‘restructure of the state’, but to destroy, to snatch it, and to build a new one.

The new Maoist party, led by Comrade Mohan Baidhya also, in national convention’s document, has emphasised the issue of federalism and politics of identity. Instead of forwarding class struggle against the reactionary ideology and class, knowingly or unknowing our comrades are running behind the reactionary philosophy of –Clash of Civilization. What a fun verbally some of our comrades use the word Maoism and talk also about revolution, but in practice they always think about the ethnicity and politics of single identity- a politics of imperialist interest. It is the matter to be worried. These days, Nepalese revolution is facing two kinds of problems: politics of neo-revisionism and national surrender and the politics of Ekal jatiya Pahichan- that is politics of single identity.

These two problems are interrelated and inseparable in theory and practice. On one hand the imperialists and expansionists are using the politics a of ‘red flag against red flag’ and on another hand, they are directly involved in the ethnic politics. In hilly region western powers are backing jananati against Brahman-Chhetri-the upper caste and race, and in Tarai (plain area ) region, the agent of Indian expansionism are repeating the slogan of ‘Ek Madhes EK Pradesh’- that is breaking Tarai region from the Nepal’s map, a direct intervention by Indian expansionism. And in one way and another our comrades have been trapped by these reactionary trends. This type of thinking leads only disaster not the people’s emancipation. We urge our Comrades to be clear in this issue- practice Marxism not post-modernism.

We must be sincere to solve the problems of oppressed community- caste, gender and region. But it must be solved within the frame work of Marxism, not outside from this. Revolutionaries should take this issue gravely and fight harshly against the erroneous tendencies adopting to solve these problems, which are running within the Maoist movement of Nepal.

We have already plenty of articles regarding the negative role of NGO/INGOs. We have a book entitled Globalisation of information and Cultural Imperialism by Rishi Raj Baral, which contains the articles about the reactionary role of Media Moguls and NGO/INGOs. We know our comrades are not unknown about the role of INGOs, in fact, they are badly affected by the INGO culture and it is not easy for them to come out from this dark cave.

Only Class struggle will win over these problems-it means moving towards the New Democratic Revolution. We must be determined that class struggle led by Marxism-Leninism and Maoism is the main vehicle of revolution. It is one and only way to solve all types of suppression and to move forward. Now we have come out from the ‘Petofi Club’ of Prachanda. But it is not enough, there are a lot of things to be done. Things are not going in the correct direction.

We must be clear in our destination. Combat liberalism- we must follow the teaching of Comrade Mao. And Combat empiricism, pragmatism,impressionism and regionalism too. To follow the Maoism means to follow the teachings of The Great Chinese Cultural Revolution- firmly.

 It is the main task of CPN-Maoist to make people ensure that for the safe guard of national sovereignty and emancipation of the Nepalese people, they are moving ahead, not only in words, but in practice too. Now the time has come to take a great leap.

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