The meeting of the Shrewsbury Pickets Campaign extends its full support to the Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union of South Africa and all miners in their life and death strike against Lormin PLC.
We call upon the Trades Union Council to condemn, in the strongest terms, the British multinational company Lonmin for its involvement in the massacre committed upon miners taking industrial action to improve their pay and working conditions at the Marikana mine in South Africa.
We also call on the TUC to urge the Labour Party to enact legislation to curb the power of British multinational companies to employ workers under the dreadful conditions and rates of pay that existed in the Marikana mine.
We condemn the massacre of at least thirty four strikers undoubtedly ordered by the ANC government and condoned by the NUM and COSATU bureaucracats at the highest level.
This is shown by the outrageous charges of murder against 270 arrested miners under Apartheid era ‘common purpose’ legislation which makes striking workers guilty of their own murders.
We demand that the TUC and the whole labour movement support this struggle by calling a national demonstration to demand:
1. Victory to the AMCU and all striking miners.
2. Free the jailed miners.
3. Bring the real criminals to justice
, the police murders and the ANC leadership and others who are responsible for this massacre.