Monday, October 27, 2008

Cabinet fails to form special committee on army integration

The cabinet meeting, Monday evening, failed to form the much-anticipated special committee to carry out the process of army integration.

"There are still some differences to be resolved (among the parties). So, the next meeting tomorrow will decide on this matter," claimed Krishna Bahadur Mahara, government spokesperson and Information and Communication Minister.

The cabinet meeting, however, made two signification decisions, according to Mahara.

"First, we have decided to take a proposal to the constituent assembly to amend the interim constitution to change the age eligibility for voters for the coming by-elections so that youths reaching the age of 18 years on previous Chaitra end will be eligible to cast vote in the election in the following year. Likewise, the cabinet also decided to initiate process to withdraw cases against 349 prisoners," Mahara said.

Mahara said that the next cabinet meeting will be held on Tuesday morning

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