Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Red Salute to South Korean Protest and Communist Songs

        Flag of the South Korean National Liberation Front

Democracy and Class Struggle says these songs, while used by communists, are general protest songs used against the many South Korean dictatorships, as being an outspoken communist in South Korea meant certain death. 

Even nowadays communist organizations are still illegal and being a member of one is an act punishable by death.

The Hour of the Liberation of Korea and its Unification is at hand - the martyrs will be remembered and honoured they wrote a glorious chapter in Korean history

Trump poses an existential threat to the Korean Nation North and South only Korean unity can prevent catastrophe.

Koreans be Koreans !

0:00 적기가 (Red Flag)
3:17 인터내셔날가 (The Internationale)
7:25 새세대청춘송가 (Anthem of the New Generation of Youth)
10:10 다시 또 다시 (Again and Again)
11:54 해방역에 닿을 때까지 (Until It Reaches the Station of Liberation)
13:28 혁명의 투혼 (Fighting Spirit of the Revolution)
15:48 들어라 양키야 (Listen, Yankees)
18:22 선언 (Declaration)
20:38 동지가 (Comrade)
22:09 농민가 (Song of the Farmers)
23:35 오월의 노래 (Song of May)
26:02 죽창가 (Jukchangga)
28:58 함께 가자 우리 (Come With Us)
31:46 민들레처럼 (Like a Dandelion)
35:51 열사가 전사에게 (To the Martyred Warriors)
40:26 타는 목마름으로 (A Burning Thirst)
42:33 민중의노래 (Song of the People)
44:56 나의 소망 (My Hope)
49:41 임을 위한 행진곡 (March of That)
53:13 어머니 (Mother)

54:10 전사의 맹세 (Warrior's Oath)

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