Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Venezuela defeated the US again in the OAS and UNO summit meetings by Jesus Rojas

The US is 18 years old along with the Venezuelan opposition trying to overthrow the government   of the   Bolivarian   Republic   of   Venezuela,   when   in   1999 President Hugo Chávez Frías won the elections and in 2012  the President Nicolás Maduro Moros.

In Venezuela, 20 electoral processes have been held in18 years of government, of which the opposition has won only two processes and has attempted several coup d’états, on 11/04/2002 when they won power for  three   days and   in  2014,  in  which  they  won  the  majority  in  the NationalAssembly, after subjecting the country to a US economic and financial blockade and the falling oil prices.

In the last 5 months and 22 days of June 2017, the opposition has increased its terrorist acts with some violent demonstrations, with hooded men armed with firearms and  have caused the deaths of 68 people  and hundreds of wounded,in  terrorist  attacks   against   institutions   such   as   schools   and   health   centers, roadblocks and violent demonstrations, in order to ask for  the OAS, for the third time,   at   the   47th   General   Assembly,   held   in   Cancún, Mexico,   the implementation of the Democratic Charter and achieve US intervention. 

The objective is to present the country as a failed state and in humanitarian crisis to request   foreign   intervention   through   the US-controlled   OAS,   and   this appropriation of the largest oil reserves in the world. 

His lackey Luis Almagrohas   made   three   attempts   and   all   have   been   unsuccessful   because   of   the dignified attitude of most of the Caribbean and Latin American countries.

The  United  States   was  also   defeated   by  the  United  Nations   Human   Rights Council.   "The   Venezuelan   government   is   destroying   human   rights   and democracy in Venezuela," said US ambassador Nikki Haley, noting that "being a member of this Council is a privilege and a country that violates human rights should not be authorized." 

Ambassador Jorge Valero responded by stating thatWashington "has no moral authority to accredit itself as a universal judge in the field of human rights."

But most of the countries of the Council ratified the support of the Venezuelan people  to consolidate peace   in the country. 

Representatives  from Cuba  andNicaragua   expressed   their   support   for   the   people   of   Venezuela   and   the Bolivarian Government in the Human Rights Council. 

The member nations of ALBA insisted on  respect  for the sovereignty of  the people,  referring   to   the denunciations of the government of Nicolás Maduro regarding the interference of the secretary general of the (OAS), Luis Almagro. Jorge Valero reaffirmed the Bolivarian   Government's   vocation   to   consolidate   peace   in   the   country   and guarantee the protection of human rights. 

"They came to try to pressure the countries to issue a declaration to condemn Venezuela," Valero said, adding  that we have triumphed with the support of nations that respect sovereignty, democracy and peace.

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