Sunday, June 25, 2017

The CIA World View - Defending the Barbarism of Saudi Arabia while targeting Iran and North Korea Mike Pompeo Style

Defending and implementing Barbarism in the Korean War, Vietnam or Indonesia is nothing new for the CIA  and its history is well known.

Mike Pompeo's current defense of Saudi Arabia despite knowledge of its barbarism continues the old CIA tradition - his blindsighting Saudi Arabia to push Iran rather than ISIL and its Saudis backers to top of terror list is no surprise but fundamentally wrong.

This interview shows the unreal and irrational nature of the CIA and its worldview - but the real and rational is more widely known in the world today and the self evident absurdity of the CIA worldview recognised for the self deception that it is.

We are to believe that North Korea which is threatened by approximately 1000 US based nuclear weapons in South Korea is the real threat to world peace because it has the audacity to develop nuclear weapons to defend itself from US nuclear threats. The Assumption that North Korea poses a threat to US has never been tested just asserted.

Time to get real and get rational and end this self deception which is nothing but the CIA road to barbarism and war Mike Pompeo Style.

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