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The streets of Ludhiana were illuminated with the flame of Naxalbari ressurecting the glory of the uprising 50 years ago

.It was a fitting tribute to the great revolutionary fervour and spirit in Punjab that has lasted for decades.Arguably the party banner of ND group should not have been portrayed whatever their great contribution.

Open party banner projection is not conducive to PPW as a whole which even the C.P.I.(Maoist) or it's earlier constituents avoided .

It exposes the party forces to the state and prematurely attaches mass organizations.

It also is not within the spirit of amass -political platform.

Sad that the greatest torch-bearer of the massline in Punjab ,the C.P.R.C.I.(M.L.) could not do justice to it's capability.

Anyway salute all the 3 groups who participated who rresurected the glory of Naxalbari with great determination. 


A prairie fire that erupted in Naxlbari engulfed the whole country. Peasants took up arms in Naxalbari, showed the way to the Indian people for their liberation. 

It made a complete break with revisionism and neo-revisionism.

To mark the 50th anniversary of that historic event, Punjab State Committee of CPI(M-L) New Democracy took initiative to unite all the communist revolutionary forces to mark this occasion. 

Five organizations met and discussed the issue. Differences arose as CPRCI(ML) was not in favour of holding any open programme and was in favour of joint publications and small meetings. Other four organization decided to go ahead with the programme and hold a big mass meeting and Rally in Ludhiana.

But later on Communist League of India (Inquilabi kendra) withdrew from it saying that this is the issue where maximum programme is to be taken to the masses and they felt constrained in this joint platform. 

So the three organizations i.e. CPI(ML)ND, Lok Sangram Manch and Inqlabi Lok Morcha decided to hold the programme. 

A joint poster and a leaflet were issued. Seminars, meetings were held at various places and hundreds of villages. Memorial meetings were held in the villages of some of the martyrs of the Naxlbari movement.

On twenty fifth of May thousands of people – workers, peasants, students, youth and middle class people, men and women thronged the grain market of Gill road, Ludhiana with great enthusiasm. 

They were shouting revolutionary slogans which thundered over the industrial city of Ludhiana. Meeting started in mood of enthusiasm under the guidance of the Presidium comprising of Com. Ajmer Singh, senior leader of CPI(ML)ND, Shinder Singh of Inqlabi Lok Morcha and Com. Balwant Makhu of Lok Sangram Manch (RDF). 

Two minute silence was observed to pay homage to the martyrs who sacrificed their lives in Naxlbari movement.

Meeting started with the revolutionary songs by Jugraj and Navdip Dhaula. Com Kulwinder Singh Waraich conducted the proceedings.

Com. Darshan Singh Khatkar, a senior leader of CPI(ML)ND and a veteran of Naxlbari movement, while addressing the gathering, said that Naxalbari was the result of international and national conditions prevailing at that time. 

He elaborately dealt with the conditions at that time. He said break with revisionism and neo revisionism was the landmark of Naxalbari. 

He said developments of last fifty years have proved the correctness of the orientation of Naxalbari. 

When CPI and CPM have joined the ranks of ruling classes, comrades following the path of Naxalbari are the only political force fighting for the people. 

He further said today when communal fascism is on the offensive and is presently targeting religious minorities, specially Muslims, Dalits, women and Left, naxalbari politics is the only hope for Indian people. Com. Lal Singh Golewala of Lok Morcha said that Indian state is ruling by brute force of military. 

It has deployed more than five lakh military in Kashmir and similar number in North East and two lakh para military force in central India. 

Com Sukhwinder Kaur of Lok Sangram Manch narrated the repression on the tribals in the Dandakarnya region to displace them, so that foreign and native corporate can exploit the rich minerals of the area. Tribals have no option but to fight and Maosits are leading them in this fight. Indian state, not the Maoists, are responcible for the violence in this region.

Finally Jaspal Jassi,editor of Surkh Leeh adressed the gathering.

Later on a rally was taken out on the Gill Road in which thousands who had gathered for the occasion particip

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