Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Victory Day Parade on Red Square - Remembering Our Comrades and the Immortal Red Army

Thousands have gathered in Russia’s Red Square to join the annual Victory Day Parade and to mark the 72nd anniversary of the official capitulation of Nazi forces. A total of 26 Russian cities will stage major processions to commemorate the Soviet victory in the 1941–1945 Great Patriotic War.

Democracy and Class Struggle says the Soviet Union's Victory over Nazi Fascism becomes greater not lesser with the passing of time - we must never forget the heroism of ordinary people that made that possible - a debt we can repay by making sure Fascism and Nazism never rears its head in Europe or Asia Again.

At one of the Moscow May Day Celebrations a speaker said currently Russia faces double threat: from the one hand - liberal bourgeoisie that strives to restore Yeltsin’s times and exploit workers like in 1990s; from the other hand the ruling regime that tries to restore tsarist monarchist traditions.

But the only solution to both is the third alternative - it’s the power of working people, workers’ self-rule who can rule the country. 

Russian workers had already such experience in Soviet period

The obscene inequality in Russia in 2017 reported in the Russian Government paper Rossiyskaya Gazeta that POINT 1% OWN 62 % OF RUSSIAN WEALTH is a call for Proletarian Revolution 2017 style.

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