Sunday, May 21, 2017

Trump Speech in Saudi Arabia conflates ISIS with Hezbollah : Nasrallah on the Origins of ISIS a reminder for Trump

Democracy and Class Struggle  says Hezbollah was mentioned many times by Trump  in his Islam speech in Saudi Arabia as the terrorist enemy - we can see where he is going on this.

No Recognition of Hezbollah's Struggle against ISIS in which they lost thousands of fighters.

Trump has aligned himself with the Saudis Sunni's Wahhabism the ideological source of ISIS.

Iran not the "axis of evil" but Iran is evil itself according to Trump World - of course delivering this speech in Saudi Arabia was playing to the paying audience - can also hear the applause in Tel Aviv.

What about Palestine ? Expect more crackdown and lockup's the Trump World  gives free rein to repression of anyone you deem a terrorist - that is someone who wants human rights in the Arab world.

More suffering, more death more despair the promise of Donald Trump to the Arab Street and banquets for the rich in the Arab Palaces full of Trump pets.

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