Monday, May 29, 2017

Liar Liar by Captain SKA in TOP 10 : Radio Stations Refusing to Play It : The Democracy and Class Struggle view of Socialism in the British Isles

Democracy and Class Struggle while we personally like Jeremy Corbyn and some of the Corbynistas that we have met we reject the Labour Party as a vehicle that can open the road to socialism in the British Isles in the 21st century and we have  a 100 years of history of the Labour Party serving capitalism and Imperialism to validate our position.

Democracy and Class Struggle say the attempt to rebirth moribund social democracy in Britain by Jeremy Corbyn is a project which has already lost it sell by date and which may attract the dying remnants of British Trotskyism  - always a social democratic current that could never think beyond the market.

The only real option is the building of communist revolutionary socialism in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Kernow  and not the moribund centralised social democracy of the Imperialist Labour Party.

The membership of the Labour Party is the middle strata examined by our comrade Harry Powell here.

The British Labour Party eclectic social democratic ideology is a reflection of the contradictory class position of that strata today.

It was the Labour aristocracy yesterday that first created the contradictory British Social Democratic ideology reflecting its class position.

There is a another rich tradition of communist revolutionary socialism in these islands that is not social democratic market Reformism.

It starts with William Thompson of County Cork through to James Connolly and John Maclean in the 20th Century which combines national and social liberation.

Democracy and Class Struggle is in that tradition which still has the future before it - not that of the Imperialist British Labour Party from which no amount of Corbyn alchemy can turn the base metal of the Labour Party into the Gold of Socialism.

For the Origins of  the  Democracy and Class Struggle view of Socialism in these islands visit  :

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