Thursday, May 11, 2017

Greenwald : Supporting US Russia Relations Should be Encouraged - Democracy and Class Struggle say time to throw Trump under the Bus

Democracy and Class Struggle has for last 18 months pointed out that  Trump is a danger to US Russia relations and Trump should be thrown under the bus by the Kremlin if they want to normalise US Russian Relations.

The Russian Oligarchs relations with Trump and Russian Money is what will bring Trump down - it is better to get this over quickly rather than continue with instability and unpredictability - Trump's behaviour on Korea not only shows his profound political IGNORANCE but his DANGEROUSNESS..

Trump has already authorised through NATO  Regime Change in Russia with False Flag Operations

The Russian People and the American People need to co-operate which means constraining their Oligarchs and ultimately getting them out of the political process - that is the 1917 message for 2017.

The Oligarchs like Trump caused Wars before and will cause Wars again - time we learned the lessons and acted on them.

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