Monday, May 29, 2017

When North Korea feels threatened they show military power

Democracy and Class Struggle says threats from Japan and US to suppress North Korea are raising the stakes and the presence of Donald Trump in the White House is not reassuring.

We have recently reported on Statfor's George Friedman view that war was imminent as the US military and naval build up around North Korea is not just a show of force and was unprecedented.

An attack on North Korea might possibly suit the  Trump administration as a diversion from its serious domestic problems but it would open a Pandora's Box.

The Democracy and Class Struggle view has been that South Korea is the key to peace and the South Korean Government must come up with a new initiative as Koreans and reach out to North Korea to end the stalemate.

Only Koreans and not the Chinese or the Americans or the Russians and very least the Japanese will create the basis for stable and co-operate relationships between the Korea's North and South.

It is time for Korea to be Korea and assert its independence and not be a geo-political pawn of foreign powers.

Long Live the Korean People 

Long Live the struggle for Socialism 

Long Live the Unification of the Korea's North and South

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