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Moscow May Day 2017 Report by Dmytriy Kovalevich - English Translation of Speeches

We see different columns celebrating May Day in Moscow. The first column waves the flags of the United Communist Party (OKP) The Union of Communist Youth (SKM) ‘Rot Front’, The New Communist Movement “Red Dawn’, WFTU, The Union of Working Migrants. Russian Communist Workers’ Party (RCRP).

The organizers: The United Committee of the Moscow Left Forces.

The next column is The Other Russia (national-bolsheviks) - red flags with a grenade.

First speech by a march organizer who greets the participants and expresses solidarity with peoples of the world, Europe and Latin America, who show an example of the fight for their rights.

He said that currently Russia faces double threat: from the one hand - liberal bourgousie that strives to restore Yeltsin’s times and exploit workers like in 1990s; from the other hand the ruling regime that tries to restore tsarist monarchist traditions.

But the only solution to both is the third alternative - it’s the power of working people, workers’ self-rule who can rule the country. Russian workers had already such experience in soviet period.

The next speaker - Rinat Karimov from the Union of Working Migrants. He greets the rally on behalf of the union that unites 70 000 foreign workers in Moscow - mostly from Ukraine, Tajikistan and Moldova.

He reminds about the times when all Soviet republics jointly celebrated the May Day and, citing, proletarian poet V.Mayakovsky, welcomes working people who contribute to the well-being of republics.

He said that current Russian authorities are ready to welcome only two big soviet events: the victory over fascism and the first space flight. But they forget that the victory in the war would be impossible without collectivization and industrialization. The first space flight would be impossible without development of Soviet science and education system.

“Indeed, many mistakes were made, but any big project can’t be realized without a mistake”. We should take the best achievements of the Soviet Union.

“Our fathers and grandfathers were building for us a new society - sometimes sacrificing their lives for that. They wanted to build a society of justice - as model for workers of all countries.”.

He tells that his union is a part of WFTU and many representatives of other unions are going to come to Moscow to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the October revolution because they understand that it was workers’ revolution.

Then he criticizes the hypocrisy of the parallel May Day march of the pro-government unions and government party.

The second speaker, a secretary of the United Communist Party (OKP) - at 12:14.

He greets participants with the day of solidarity which is ‘the main weapon of proletariat in the fight for their rights and power’.

He tells how solidarity should be expressed via support of workers in other industries and other countries. He reminds about solidarity of European workers after the revolution when they demanded from their governments not to intervene in the Soviet Russia.

He tells that thanks to workers’ solidarity the workers of the Kerch shipyards managed to receive at last their salaries. He calls to express solidarity with Kazakhstan oil-workers who are under repressions of their government.

He calls to express solidarity with antifascists of Latvia - as they are under trial now because of the anti-NATO protests. He calls to express solidarity with Venezuela and North Korea that face imperialist pressure from the US.

The third speaker, a secretary of the Russian communist Workers’ Party (RCRP).

She greets the participants with the day of labor and workers’ solidarity. Working class should win the decent life for itself and their children - like in 1917.

She criticizes the government policy that leads to emerging a lot of ‘working poor’. The power of bourgeoisie never will care about workers, but only about their own children.

Authorities, however, still can’t win over nostalgia for the Soviet Union. She criticizes the government attempts to hijack the International Youth Festival. She calls to educate working class and teach it how to act and fight for their rights. She calls to bring up a new generation of communists.

The fourth speaker is Eduard Limonov (The Other Russia, a former founder of the national-bolsheviks party).

He reminds about ‘narodniks’ terror in XIX century. He says that peaceful actions are irrelevant but violent actions are needed. He calls people to sacrifice their life. He reminds about armed fight of Chicago anarchists. ‘Our country wants to be red, it wants equality”, says he. Then he criticizes privatization policy and plunder of the soviet industries. “Take individual actions. Each of us heads his own way. Express your creative aggressive initiatives”. He ends with chanting: “More red color!”

The next speaker is Russian Left scientist, editor of the journal ‘Alternatives’ A.Buzgalin.

He tells that there are a lot of Left forces around the world. 35 million are striking now in Brazil, says he. Brazil is big, rich but unequal country - like Russia. He tells about the lesson of Brazil where Labor Party refused from power because of pressure. He calls to study theory so that not to make mistakes. He urges people to write him and ask questions.

He invites people to their discussion club. He tells about their Marxist Study Center at Moscow university.

The next speaker, I.Znamensky from the New Communist Movement.

He says that the current Russia regime continues Yeltsin’s regime to preserve the power of bourgeoisie. He calls to seize power and build classless society of communism. He said they are the enemies of the current authorities. “But an enemy of my enemy doesn’t necessarily mean a friend”. “We see that Russian Vlasovites [Nazi-collaborators] are striving for power - the friends of Ukrainian Banderites who came to power in Ukraine”. “These people present even more danger - they try to disunite peoples”. “Thus, I want to warn about the possibility of rule of a coalition of liberals and nationalists”. Then he reminds about Odessa massacre - when “a crowd of fascists murdered dozens people”. He invites people to the commemorative concert devoted to Odessa massacre on May 2.

The next speaker from Russian United Labor Front and union activist of the Moscow plant “Salute’.She laments about de-industrialization in post-soviet times.

She reminds about the Soviet workers who were proud to be workers and were elected as Soviet MPs. She urges youth to lead the workers’ struggle and make another socialist revolution. “Long live socialist revolution - we believe that it will happen!”, concludes she.

The next speaker also from the Other Russia (national-bolshevik). He reminds about the murder of Chicago workers and the roots of May Day. Then - reminds about Lenin and Russian revolution. Reminds about victory in WW2 and Chinese revolution. He chants: “Lenin could do it, we’ll be able too!”

He lashes out at Yeltsin who destroyed the united Soviet countries and plundered people. He calls to re-nationalization and expropriation of the oligarchic property. Chants: “Take their wealth and share it!”

The next speaker of the union activist of the Workers Movement of Moscow. He reminds about Marx and Engels theory and necessity to fight for workers’ rights. He reminds about Chicago May Day and revolutionary rallies in tsarist Russia.

Then he reminds about achievements for workers in Soviet Russia and the role of October revolution for world workers. He urges to demand to shorten the working day up to 6 hours with preserving full salary. “We should demand 6 hours of work but we need revolution to implement it”.

The next speaker is from The Union of communist Youth.

“We should not tolerate difficulties because of their enrichment”. People are tired of this system. What expects our youth? The new generation of workers is our - communist future, said he.

The next speaker from the youth movement “Forward!”

He reminds about Chicago workers and May Day roots. Then he criticizes the adopted Moscow projects of infrastructure re-development. He demands from authorities to advice with people and residents over the plans of re-development. He urges to fight for the rights and chants: “Our heart beats from the left side!”

The next speaker is our comrade - Svetlana Licht from Borotba (Donetsk) and New Communist Movement.

She said that she came from the besieged city of Donetsk. She criticizes the previous speakers from Other Russia (national-bolsheviks) who said about the irrelevance of the struggle for peace. She says that the communist struggle is not pacifism, of course, but it’s a fight for peace and for the world where people would gladly live. “We should for peace and world of decent life and solidarity - for the world without fascism and wars”.

She chants: “All the power to working class! Stop to blockade Donbass!”

The next speaker, from the Young Communist League of Donetsk People’s Republic.

He greets people with the day of solidarity. He tells that Donetsk communist were at the forefront of the fight for Donetsk against Ukrainian occupants.

He tells that Donetsk communists were the first to rise. They were at the frontline of the Donetsk war against Ukraine’s occupation and for independence.

He tells that eventually all Novorossiya will be fee from Lugansk to Odessa and united into a new federation.

He tells that in Donbass it is the working people rose up to fight for their rights and self-determination.

He calls to unite all Left forces: “Look around - all our flags are red”

“Our slogan: proletarian of all countries, unite. Our leader is Lenin. Our symbol is hammer’n’sickle”. “whatever are the names of our parties but we are all united Left movement”.

The resolution of the rally: Working people again now descended to the position of exploited class. Therefore, working people begin a new fight against exploiters.

May Day should become a symbol of solidarity.

Class struggle may be efficient only thanks to uniting the struggles of the proletariat of all countries.

We demand from Russia to choose the course of socialism and return into public property all resources, lands, banks, transport, industries etc.

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