Sunday, May 7, 2017

Macron to Win Presidency of France - The Le Pen Fascist Bloodline defeated - Now for the Masses Against Macron and France's Ruling Neo Liberal Classes

Democracy and Class Struggle says now for the implosion in the FN which is long overdue - time for the revolutionary Left in France to be reborn and baptize itself in renewed class struggle against the neo liberal French Bourgeoise emboldened by our class enemy Macron's Presidential Win.


We understand that the struggle against fascism does not consist of massively voting against the Front National* during the elections while establishing a “republican front”. 

But to oppose fascism, there is a need to unite but no unity can be possible without principles, from where the necessity of a revolutionary antifascism, that is to say an antifascism that recognizes that we can only struggle against fascism while struggling against capitalism. 

This antifascist front does not express itself through the bourgoisie’s elections but in concretes struggles. 

It must unite the masses in all the areas of life, it must rally as largely as possible around a revolutionary strategy, be it the mobilization against repression and police brutality, women’s mobilization for their emancipation through a proletarian feminist front, the mobilization for housing, the mobilization for the proletarian youth, etc.


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