Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Hillary Clinton is a Threat to all of Humanity

Democracy and Class Struggle has published much on Donald Trump and his developing ideology of American Firstism a proto Fascism - while we have published an occasional critique of Hillary Clinton we wish to make it clear our total opposition to all that she represents which the above video summarises brilliantly.

Democracy and Class Struggle's mission is to get beyond the false dichotomies of bourgeois thought and its antinomies.

We are presented with the false choice of Trump's Capitalist Barbarism or Clinton's Capitalist Barbarism in the 21st Century.

Democracy and Class Struggle say it is time for new thought for a new century - Marxism Leninism Maoism the ideology that first materialised in the early 1980's in Peru and is currently under rapid development worldwide in the crucible of class struggle - is that new liberatory thought..Read here for contemporary Maoist thinking from India

MLM is foundational to social and national liberation in the 21st Century and jailbreaks us from capital and its mindset.

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