Saturday, March 10, 2012

When the sheep go marching in - The Queen Elizabeth anti Diamond Jubilee Song 2012

Congratulations to Her Travesty the Queen on 60 years of benefit scrounging join the British Republican Movement - Welsh Republican Movement - Scottish Republican Movement - Cornish Republican Movement  now !

Remember the Republican Socialist Kier Hardie's comment :

“the life of one Welsh miner is of greater commercial and moral value to the British nation than the whole Royal crowd put together, from the Royal Great-Grand- Mama to this puling Royal Great-Grandchild” 

(Morgan, Keir Hardie 72-3; Labour Leader, 30 June 1894). 

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reggie said...

Look out for another alternative take on the Diamond Jubilee with the track Dub Save The Queen.
Soon to be a compilation album of tracks commenting on the monarchy.