Monday, March 19, 2012

Report on the Demonstration at the Moroccan Embassy in London on the 19th March

The Arab Spring and its aftermath cascaded throughout the entire Arab world, and not only those countries that are deemed as enemies of the West, such as Syria, but also in those countries very friendly with the West, such as Saudi Arabia and Morocco.

 Indeed, the mainstream press has ignored any protest in these countries and also turned a blind eye to the level of state repression carried out by these two states, by two tyrannical and repressive monarchies. In Morocco, many political activists have been arrested and imprisoned, and there have been hunger strikes in the prisons to protest the horrific conditions and lack of justice.  

A demonstration was called at the Moroccan embassy in London, to specifically call to the attention of the Moroccan state of some Moroccan Communists, Youssef El Hamdiya and Mourad Chouini, who have  undergone hunger strike and Azzedine Errousi, who has been on hunger strike for 90 days. Morocco has a good image in the press, it has not been chosen by the west for a regime change.

 However, we hope our demonstration can draw attention to the true state of affairs in Morocco; these protests will continue until the above political activists are freed. 

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