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Nepal: Government is anti-national and anti-people - CP Gajurel

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Q1: You have just formed united national People’s Struggle Committee-United Front. After all what it is all about?
Gajurel: Let’s not take it as a new organization. It was formed earlier.  As far as the nature of the Front is concerned, the United National People’s Struggle Committee has not been formed simply to address certain specific problems facing the country but instead it has come into existence in order to institutionalize and guarantee the far reaching political changes by preserving and protecting the national integrity and also for an honorific integration of the army for which a people oriented constitution is demanded which in turn will bring in permanent peace in the country. The Front is also committed for raising the issues related with the people’s livelihood. There are several factors which have given birth to this Front. This could also be taken as a United Front with Revolutionary character in itself.  In the Front as of today, the participation is of the Nepal Maoists and also of those organizations which were close to the party. Their coordinators are associated with this Front. In the future, we have plans, to include all those nationalist republicans and the left oriented people who prefer for a New Nepal. This may also include later some progressive nationalists and may add some other parties as well.
Q2: Is it that this Front has been formed by the Nepal Maoists party or is it a Front just given a shape by the Mohan Baidya panel of the party?
Gajurel: I told you earlier that this Front is not a new one. It had been in existence already.  But since we could not wage any sort of struggle if the name was “People’s Council” because through such a Council, we will not be allowed to act instead such acts have had to be handled by the party itself. The crux of the matter is that when the party decides for a struggle then such Councils come into action. It was just because of this, the Front was not in a functioning state. It was not active as it should have been. Now we are reactivating the Front and to some extent we have already been in an activated stage.
Q3: It is being talked that you and your friends have been engaged in such activities which may split the party eventually. Your own party is in the government than how is it possible to wage a sort of struggle against your own set up?
Gajurel: You can’t have a revolution by splitting a Revolutionary party thus we have been exhibiting our utmost flexibility. We have been doing so in order not to allow the party to proceed in a wrong direction. The fresh CC decision is that you can push your views and perform various programs but much ahead of this you have to inform the party.  So what we have been doing as of now (of the protest programs) is as per the stance taken by our party’s Central Committee itself in the recent past. When the party is informed in advance of such programs and struggle then it can’t be taken as to have gone against the party. All that we need is that our party remains honest and faithful towards the people and also we wish that the party doesn’t split. Our Party Chairman and Vice Chairman Babu Ram both are working hard so that the party doesn’t tear apart. We too have the same spirit and thus the party will not split at any cost.
 Q4: You have had several subjects for waging a struggle. Why you then initiated it keeping your own party Vice Chairman at the center of attack Mr. Gajurel?
Gajurel: The talk to recall Babu Ram from the government is not at all a new one.  We had raised this issue on a repeated basis right inside the party’s CC and steering committee meet in the past. Though the CC has so far not decided to recall Bhattarai from the post of the Prime Minister. Notably, while we have had our CC meet last time, Comrade Prachanda had told the meet that “I will internally talk to Bhattarai and convince him for resignation from the current PM post”. It has been more than four weeks plus since then. Later, he told that “this job I could not accomplish”.  Thus we have adopted a strategy to force him to resign by going to the streets, pushing it in the parliament and from the party as well in order to sack this anti-national and anti-people government led by Bhattarai. The idea is to create pressure for him from all the possible sectors so that he resigns ultimately. As far as your question is concerned as to why this government should be attacked, well, the reason is very simple because this government is not only anti-national but anti-people which have to be sacked.
Q5: You told that you are determined to go to the streets and parliament against this government, however, plans and strategies for accomplishing those tasks remain yet missing? Why it is so?  
Gajurel: Yes! You are correct in this regard. We have yet not finalized the dates for the struggle and the related things. It has not yet taken a formal shape because we, in the mean time, have been talking with some other parties as well in order to make it a joint struggle. The talks have been going internally. Since other parties too have assured us because of which things have got delayed. The delay is due to the fact the parties have yet to join the struggle programs. The moment they are with us, we will finalize the dates and programs which will see the participation of the nationalists, republicans and also of the democrats. The programs will soon be announced.
Q6: Do you have any plans to unseat the PM by pushing a no confidence motion?
Gajurel: It is more of a job of the party’s parliamentary board and of those who have close proximity with our stand points than a job instead to be accomplished by the Joint Struggle Committee.  If the board so desires then we can use this force as well. We can move ahead with this as well. We will use all force available and fix its ouster come what may.
Q7: Have you talked already with the NC and the UML about the no confidence motion against Bhattarai?
Gajurel: Yes! We have already talked with these parties. When you talk of toppling this government then you must talk with these parties as after toppling of this government, you have to form another government instantly. For this, we are in touch with some other parties as well. It is natural that the NC and the UML must be taken into confidence in order to sack this government. We will not talk of the matters related with our struggle as these two parties would not like to listen to this.
Q8: You and your group has been advocating for a fresh revolt. Is this struggle a part of the Revolt preparation?
Gajurel: It has been the declared policy of the party to embrace a fresh revolt if the peace process remains in an incomplete form and a people oriented constitution is not drafted.  This is not only the views of our team. As of now, the likelihood of drafting a people oriented constitution is not in sight. Neither the peace process has completed nor the people’s problems. Under such circumstances, the leadership should have made efforts for carrying out the revolt which remains absent unfortunately.  Even if the leadership becomes reluctant and if there is the absence of a people’s constitution then the people will opt for a revolt. Yes! We are preparing for a people’s revolt.
Text courtesy: The Nepali Patra Weekly March 23, 2012. Thanks.

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